How to Verify your X-Twitter Account

02 August 2023

Verifying an account on Twitter brings multiple advantages., especially if you have a personal brand account or professional profile. The first step is to know how to get the blue check.

How to Verify a Twitter (X) Account in 2023

The verification of a Twitter (X) account or the blue check can mean two things:

  • That the user has subscribed to the premium service of Twitter Blue and has been chosen by the platform, based on the different eligibility criteria.
  • That the account obtained verification before the new criteria established by Twitter.

In both cases, the verified account means the same thing for Twitter, that is to grant officiality to the accounts that obtain them.

If you did not get verification with the above criteria, you need paid Twitter Blue subscription and meet the social network’s eligibility criteria.

That is, there is no longer the option to get verification through the previous request (in Account Settings) and with the aspects that I previously mentioned: the activity and notability of the account.

Twitter Blue’s Eligibility Criteria

Based on criteria chosen by Twitter, once you have the Twitter Blue subscription, the social network decides whether or not to grant you the blue verification check.

That is, in addition to having a subscription, you must meet certain requirements in your account:

  • Complete: Full profile with name and image of your account.
  • Active use: Must have activity in the last 30 days.
  • Security: Your account must be more than 90 days old at the time of your Twitter Blue subscription, with a phone number added.
  • Not misleading: Must not have recent changes (profile picture or username), or suspected of SPAM or manipulation.

Once you have registered on Twitter Blue, and the social network verifies that you meet these requirements, the blue check will appear on your profile.

In addition, Twitter will award different badges depending on the type of profile requesting verification: blue for prominent people and subscribers, gold for companies and gray for government accounts.

Losing Twitter Verification

Twitter may withdraw the verification check ay any time without notice, as stated in its terms of service.

In two types of cases, the social network can remove this mark from your profile:

  • If you make any changes to your profile, Twitter will remove the blue check for the duration of the review. If it is correct, they will return it to you.
  • If you violate Twitter’s rules, terms of service or social network rules, they can remove the verified account mark.

Official Tag on Twitter

Have you seen the ‘Official’ tag under names on some profiles? If so, you may be wondering if it a type of verification and how it is achieved.

This badge or label is applied by Twitter to governmental accounts (such as institutions, officials and multilateral organizations), organizations and political parties or commercial companies, where you can find partners and important brands. In addition, agencies, media and certain public figures.

The objective of this label is to give these types of accounts one more distinction on their profile, in addition to the verification check. This helps both the profile and users to avoid fake accounts. In this case, both are compatible.

Advantages of Twitter Verification

In addition to the obvious advantages why everyone wants to verify their Twitter account right now, it has other benefits that are unknown to most people:

  • You get more followers

Verified accounts attract more followers. Twitter users know that there is a profile that shares truthful information and will not be misled.

  • Increase the visibility of your account

A profile with a blue badge has a better chance of appearing in the top search positions on Twitter.

Of course, if a user searches for an account related to some topic and finds a verified one, it is easier for them to click on it than on another.

  • Build trust of your brand

This aspect is quite helpful for online businesses, where trust in them is weakened due to the multiple profiles that already exist.

Therefore, if a user is interested in a specific type of product that you sell and your account is verified, you will have better chances than your competition if your account is verified.

Verifying an account on Twitter allows users to know if behind that profile is the “famous person or celebrity” indicated.

We have already requested to verify our account. And you?

If you want to know more about Twitter and how to make a good marketing strategy, here is a guide:

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 02 August 2023

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