How to get verified your Twitter account

28 June, 2018
Getting your Twitter account verified has many advantages, especially if you have a personal branding or professional account.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Twitter has temporarily paused all general verifications

Currently, Twitter does not accept any public submission for verification. It won’t be available until further notice. Twitter is currently reviewing previous submissions.



Getting your Twitter account verified has many advantages, especially if you have a personal branding or professional account.


How to verify Twitter account: Steps

These are the steps to get your Twitter account verified:


1. Prepare your account to get verified

Twitter recommends you to optimize your account before requesting the blue badge, and this is what you must do in order to get it:

  • Your Twitter avatar must be a real photo or the logo of your business.
  • Use your real name or “nom de plume” as your name on this social network
  • Add the link of your website
  • Set your account as public
  • Add a bio describing clearly the purpose of your account


2. Gather the information that Twitter will request to verify your account

Twitter will request some information before verifying your account.

  • A reason for why your account should be verified.
  • Documentation to prove your identity such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • You must provide links to help demonstrate your identity like your webpage or the one of the business you represent.

You can include your documents in the submission form by taking a photo of your documents or scanning them to upload them to Dropbox. Get the link of the image and paste it in one of the fields for adding links.


3. Fill out the verification form

Enter this link: to find the form that you must fill out. Once there, you will have to complete the following information:

✅ Username

✅ Add link to at least two websites to verify your identity.

✅ An explanation of why your account should be verified in 500 characters maximum.

✅ Personal Documents

Some recommendations to successfully fill out the verification form:

  • All the text should be original, avoid copy-pasting it from other places as it is going to be verified.
  • Make sure your photo is clear.
  • The document that you provide to prove your identity should be easy to verify.
  • You must demonstrate that you have a good reason to be verified and that you have a career to support your submission, which you can confirm with mentions in the media, articles, etc.

Once you have completed the form, a summary of your submission will appear on the screen.

Finally, you will receive a confirmation message saying that your application is under review. You will receive their final decision on your email after one or two weeks. They will approve or reject the verification of your account after reviewing all the information submitted.

If for whatever reason the verification of your account is rejected, you can always try again. Before doing so, make sure your account is properly optimized and meets all the requirements.



Which type of accounts are verified by Twitter?

According to this microblogging platform, they only verify accounts that cover the following fields:

  • Politics
  • Film / Theater
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Journalism or other media
  • Business or companies
  • Other public interest areas.


Twitter verifies accounts that belong to celebrities and famous personalities who might be subject of identity theft on the social networks. Verifying a Twitter account is a way to prove that the profile account is legitimate.

The acceptance or rejection depends exclusively on Twitter’s decision. Whether you disagree with their decision of your submission or you have some doubts, you can contact them directly through their help center:


This is all, now you know how to verify Twitter account! 

So, are you going to verify your Twitter account?

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      At the moment they are not accepting any new requests. It is necessary to wait until they open the process again.

      • Jean Paul

        I have read that the process is suspended at the moment, and at the same time I have noticed that many accounts, including from normal citizens, are getting verified (even within the period since which the process is suspended). I can mention for example @mackenziebezos who twitter in April 2019.

        I don’t know why this discrimination occurs, but it would be good to have a better fair and transparent way of doing the verification process for everyone, not only some users who have power or connection to twitter.


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    Once your profile is ready, you can apply for verification through Twitter’s request verification form. Make sure to provide any supporting documents or website URLs that could prove your impact in your respective field. For personal accounts, Twitter might also request a government-issued ID card. A group of moderators will then review your profile and make a decision. In case your request for verification is denied, you may apply again in 30 days.

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