Ads on Twitch: how to advertise during your streaming

27 January 2021

If you have been broadcasting on Twitch for several months and now want to take t to the next step and monetize your channel, run ads during your live.

Why use ads in your live shows?

Followers can support you economically without having to contribute with money.

The more views you have of the ad, the higher income you will get.

Ads allow you to take a break during the live performance.

Placing ads during your streaming allows you to rest, especially if it lasts long. Make that coffee that you need!

Ads help keep up with streaming.

If you notice that your streaming is declining, you can regain strength with a pause.

Do you know how to run ads during your streaming?

In this article, you will learn how to run ads on Twitch during your broadcast. Here are some inside tips on how to get the most out of them.

How to run ads on Twitch 

Before I start explaining how to place ads on Twitch, you should know that in order to be able to add them, you must be a partner or affiliate on Twitch.

➡️Discover how to become an affiliate or partner on Twitch ⬅️ 

You won’t be able to place your ads, if you are not part of this select group.

If you are, keep reading.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to place ads during your broadcast: manual or automatic.

➡ Actually, both ways could be considered manual, because both need to be activated.

Perhaps we should say that with one option you can automate the process of placing ads on Twitch and the other way requires your attention.

Ads on Twitch manually

Now look at how you can run your ads on Twitch during the streaming.

Writing a command in the chat box

This is an easy way to place ads during your broadcast if you don’t want to automate them or want to make a sudden pause.

As simple as putting in your chat the command: ‘/ commercial’ and the duration time in seconds.

Twitch allows you to run ads from 30 to 180 seconds (3 minutes).

If you usually have a community, you can name a subscriber as editor and let him or her put the ad command.

Adding the ad from the control panel

While you are live, from your dashboard you can activate the ad you want and add the duration of it.

Ads on Twitch in an automated way

As if you were programming on social networks with Twitch, there are several ways to run ads on your stream automatically.

Using the stream deck

It is a tool similar to a remote control, with which you can control everything that happens in your streaming with just one button.

It is common for streamers with a lot of experience and a large number of subscribers to have it in their ‘set up’.

From adjusting the audio, making scene changes or, as we say, placing an ad.

Using bots as editors

We have mentioned earlier that you can give your subscribers the role of publishers so that they take care of placing ads.

If you do not have this possibility, you can do it through bots such as ‘Streamelements’, where you can activate a bot to be in charge of placing your ads, granting it the same editor role.

To do this, enter Streamelements, connect with your Twitch account and at the bottom left you will find the Timer option. Add the command mentioned before in ‘Reply to Message’ and the interval, frequency, etc.

Finally, you need to activate it to be up and running.

Now you know how to run ads on Twitch during your live shows.

The next question is: Is it better to take one long pause or several short ones?

Here you have, as a ‘bonus track’, a series of tips that the platform and its experts offer you to get the most out of your ads.

Ad a Twitch Strategy

This list has been compiled based on the experience of various streamers and research from the platform.

To assist you, you can watch this video in which some streamers tell how they set their ads in their streamings.

A summary of how you can get the most out of your ads on Twitch.

  • Inform your viewers of the ad

One of the things you’re sure to hate when you watch TV or a YouTube video is an unannounced ad that cuts off your entire experience.

From Twitch they recommend that during the streaming you anticipate the viewers when you will run ads: it is less intrusive and your subscribers will be more willing to see it.

  • Place your ads in the middle of your streaming

It is recommended that you run your ads in the middle of the streaming, at the point of greatest accumulation of viewers.

Not at the beginning or at the end, since at the beginning of the streaming not all viewers are there yet and at the end of the broadcast many have left it.

  • Start with 1-minute ads

The maximum duration of the ads is 3 minutes. Maybe starting with this duration for your ads is too much.

Ideally, run one-minute ads and, when your audience is used to them, increase their duration to generate more income.

In addition, it is advisable to place more ads of shorter duration so as not to saturate your viewers waiting about 15 minutes between pauses.

  • Delegate to your subscribers

One way to focus on creating content and automating your ads is to delegate the ads to trusted moderators.

In general, these are usually subscribers who have been with you for a long time and help you to give streaming quality, also controlling the chat. Plus, you will encourage your community to become subscribers.

  • Allow ad-free viewing to your subscribers

How to reward your subscribers in your streaming? You can enable ad-free viewing for them, motivating them to subscribe.

You may think that it is counterproductive, but what you think you lose with the ads, you gain with your community.

You have everything ready to know how to run ads on Twitch in your steamings and start monetizing your live channel.

If you need it, here is a map to move forward with your Twitch channel:


Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 27 January 2021


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