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11 February 2020

You might know by now that we are very interested in online advertising at Metricool and we keep including new features related to advertising in the Internet to make your life easier.

I am here today to tell you that now you can create your own Google Ad account from Metricool. From now on, you can manage every step of your strategy on Google Ads from Metricool.

Create your account ▶️ create and manage your ads ▶️ Analyze the performance of your campaigns

Create or connect your Google Ads account with Metricool is rewarded

Yes, you read it correctly, you will be rewarded if you create your account with Metricool. More than 140 customers have been already rewarded.

We have reached an incentive agreement with Google where users who create or connect their accounts with Metricool, will receive one dollar per dollar invested during the first 31 days. The maximum incentive depends on each country:

  • The US- Maximum incentive 150 US$
  • Canada- Maximum incentive 150 CAD
  • Australia- Maximum incentive 150 AUD

▶️ You can find the complete country list with their incentives associate here ◀️

For example

📌 If you invest 300 US$ on Google Ads, you’ll only pay 150 US$.

Which conditions do you have to fulfill to receive this incentive?

➡️ The Google Ads account that you connect or create from Metricool can’t have other active promotions.

➡️ The billing country of the account must appear in the previous incentive list.

➡️ The Google Ads account can be new or already created. If your account was already created, the only requirement is that it was inactive or that the first campaign started a maximum of 14 days before receiving the incentive.

▶️ If you want to learn more about the incentive policy enter here◀️

How to create your Google Ad account from Metricool

From now on, you can create an account on Google Ads from Metricool, I will explain you how to do it step by step.

1. Access the connection section from your Metricool account

On this page, you will see all the connections that you can make with Metricool. Do you see Google Ads icon? Underneath, the option to create an account is displayed, as the image below shows:

2. Write down your account info

Tap Create Account  and a pop-up window will display with two boxes to fill out:

  • The name that you want for your account
  • The currency

3. Access to your email account

Once you press OK, the screen will request the email account (hotmail, gmail, yahoo…)  that you want to link to your Google Ad account.

The first thing you will see is the following image:

On this message, Metricool requests a confirmation that you trust us and that you are aware that your Google Ad account is linked to our tool so you can create your account and once you do that,  manage your online ad campaigns from Metricool.

To continue with the process you must click Allow.

▶️ If you’ve never had a Google Ad account before associated to this email account:

The next step will be to access your email account and accept the invitation that Google Ads will send you to finalize the creation of your account from Metricool.

Once you accept it, Google Ads will open automatically, and it’s important that once there, you fill out the invoicing information of the account that you have just created on the same platform.

⚡️ So you have already created your Google Ads account and is properly connected to Metricool!

What are the advantages of using Google Ads from Metricool?

Online advertising is a very important action as part of a digital marketing strategy, that is, we must invest time to design it properly, manage it and ultimately, analyze the performance of your efforts. This is why I have noted down how Metricool will help you in this process:

✅ Create your account and connect it to Metricool at the same time.

Create your ads in an instant.

✅ Manage your campaigns: Observe your analytics, the performance and make changes simultaneously. You’ll save a lot of time.

Review the Quality Score of your Google ad groups. Are they getting the results you expected?

✅ Compare the metrics of the current month with the previous one, or the current campaign with the one in the previous trimester. You will draw very valuable and useful conclusions.

✅ Download reports with the metrics of your campaigns and make the corrections you consider for the future ones.

All in one: Create, Manage and Analyze 😎

Do you want to learn more about other Metricool features that can help you manage more efficiently your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 11 February 2020


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