How to Connect A Google Ads Account to Metricool

03 May 2024

Would you like to connect your Google Ads account to Metricool? You know that at Metricool, we’re big fans of online advertising, and we’re constantly adding new features to make your life easier. Now you can fully control your Google Ads strategy via Metricool.

Create your account ▶️ create and manage your ads ▶️ Analyze the performance of your campaigns

Connect your Google Ads Account to Metricool

Let’s start from the beginning: how do I connect Google Ads to Metricool? This preliminary step is essential before we can get down to work.

Just log in to Metricool. Are you there yet? Follow the steps below:

Go to the left-hand column and click on Google Ads. In the next window, click “Connect” to select the Google account you wish to associate and follow the platform’s instructions.

Metricool’s Premium account allows you to connect multiple Google Ads accounts. Each Google Ads account must be associated with its corresponding Google Account.

Advantages of Using Google Ads From Metricool

Online advertising is a very important action as part of a digital marketing strategy, that is, we must invest time to design it properly, manage it and ultimately, analyze the performance of your efforts. This is why I have noted down how Metricool will help you in this process:

Create your ads in an instant.

✅ Manage your campaigns: Observe your analytics, the performance and make changes simultaneously. You’ll save a lot of time.

Review the Quality Score of your Google ad groups. Are they getting the results you expected?

✅ Compare the metrics of the current month with the previous one, or the current campaign with the prior period. You will draw very valuable and useful conclusions.

✅ Download reports with the metrics of your campaigns and make the corrections you consider for the future ones.

All in one: Create, Manage and Analyze 😎

Do you want to learn more about other Metricool features that can help you manage more efficiently your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 03 May 2024

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