How to create a YouTube channel

Carlos Bravo
3 February, 2022

Do you want to create a free YouTube channel and start uploading videos? Here we will tell you how to do it and get it ready to create content.

Let’s start! 🎥

1 Sign in to YouTube

If you normally use YouTube, you know that you can watch any video without logging in. However,  you cannot like any video or write comments.

Of course, you cannot create a channel either. First, you must log in with your Google/Gmail account that will be associated with your YouTube channel. If you don’t have a Google account yet, you’ll need to create one.

Once you are logged in, you will see that you already have your own account on this platform, but this is different from a channel.

2 How to create a YouTube channel

It’s time to get down to business and create your YouTube channel.

Click on your account icon in the top right and tap on ‘Create a Channel.’

YouTube will open a window asking how you want to create your channel: with your Google account information and image (if you already have a profile picture) or use a different custom name and photo.

Remember that before creating your channel, you must add a name. Ensure that you use a name that helps users identify you easily, such as your brand in other profiles, what you do, etc.

Finally, check the box for the conditions of Google and YouTube to create your channel and click Create.

Ready! You already have your YouTube channel created.

3 Add basic information to your channel

You already have your YouTube channel, but the platform recommends that you add a bit of information to your new best friend. You can always configure it later, but it is better to add it now if you have the material ready.

✅ Add a profile image in JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format. Size: 800 x 800 Pixels.

✅ Write a description of your channel explaining what you offer in a maximum of 1,000 characters. Be concise and tell users what they will find when they reach your channel.

✅ Include links to your content and drive users to your website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

4 Customize your channel and upload your first video

With your channel created, it’s time to start dressing up your profile and uploading video content.

▶️ Customize your channel by adding a cover photo, links to other social profiles you have, the trailer of your channel, etc.

In short, make it attractive so that users who arrive want to stay and watch your videos.

⚡️ Learn to optimize your YouTube channel

▶️ Upload the first video to your channel and start growing on the platform. Our recommendation is to use your first video to introduce yourself or your channel.

Your adventure on YouTube has just started, and although the most important thing is to upload videos, analyzing the performance of your channel is also vital to continue growing.

With Metricool, you have YouTube analytics to control everything that happens in your videos: subscribers, views, comments, demographics of your audience, among other data provided by the tool.

Everything you need to carry out your YouTube marketing strategy and succeed with your videos.

Carlos Bravo


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