How to download images and videos from Pinterest

06 April 2022

Pins on Pinterest are how posts are called on this social media platform. However, how can you download images and videos from Pinterest? Downloading the images shared on Pinterest is a great resource to avoid losing those pins to share on other social networks.

Download a pin from Pinterest step by step

Anything can happen with a post or, in this case, a pin that you publish on a social network. One of them is losing the content. 

Having an alternative to download those images and keeping every pin you’ve shared safe and secure is crucial.

There are several options to download a pin from Pinterest on the Internet. Today,  we will review how to do it with ‘ExpertsPHP‘. An easy-to-use and intuitive platform where you can download pin posts in a few minutes.

1 Open the ExpertsPHP page in your browser or mobile phone.

2 In the box, enter the link of the pin to download.

3 Now, on Pinterest, copy the link of your pin you want to save. It can be a single image or video. 

To do this, click on the share button within the pin. You can quickly identify it because it includes an arrow. Click and copy the link. You can send the pin by Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Or, directly, click on the icon similar to a chain, and Pinterest will copy the link automatically.

4 Go back to the ExpertsPHP page and paste the link in the box below the ad. Then click the Download button.

5 Pinterest will upload the content to another page, and you will have to download it according to the type of pin:

If it’s a single image, Pinterest gives you a preview of the image.

Then, you can click on the Download Image File button under the image. Or instead, if you want to choose the download destination: right-click on the image > open in new tab > save image.

If it’s a video, Pinterest takes you to a page that includes the video file.

Here you have two options, download it in 1080p or as an image clip. To download your video pin, you can click on ‘Download Link’ in the 1080p box or on the video itself, click on the three dots and click on ‘Download’.

Now you know how to download images and videos from Pinterest. Once you have the pins you have shared on Pinterest downloaded you can share them on other social networks and continue generating interactions.

Of course, having a strategy on Pinterest will help you grow on the social network. Here is Metricool’s Pinterest Marketing strategy guide.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 06 April 2022
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