How to Download a Pinterest Board

23 March 2022

Do you want to download a Pinterest board? If you want to have your saved or published content on Pinterest, we tell you how to do it here. No more need to take screen shots of images and lose the quality of images. With an easy fix, you’ll have all your favorite boards saved in one place!

Download Pinterest board

To download pins at once, you will need a Chrome extension that allows you to save them in bulk.

Although you will find multiple extensions in the Google store, today we will talk about a tool called, “Pinterest Video and Image Downloader.” However, you can decide which one you want to use.

How does this Google Chrome extension work, and how do you download Pinterest boards?

Steps to download a Pinterest board

1 Enter the Chrome store and in the search engine, type the name of the extension: “Pinterest Video and Image Downloader“.

2 Choose the first option and click ‘Add to Chrome’. You already have it installed in your browser.

Remember to activate it from the extensions section located at the top right, the puzzle piece icon. There you will find all the downloaded extensions, click on Pinterest Video and Image Downloader, and it will be activated.

3 Open Pinterest in your browser and sign in with your credentials.

4 Now go to the board you want to download.

5 Do you have it? Now click on the Pinterest video and the Image Downloader extension icon and a popup window will open.

6 The content you want to download will appear, simply click on the Download button.

7 In your Downloads folder, you will have a file with all the pins after downloading the Pinterest board.

At the moment this feature is in BETA and will not be able to download all the boards you want.

Hopefully soon they will have full capability soon.

Now your Pinterest pins are safe on your computer, you can share them on other social networks like Instagram or Facebook, and your content can be used for other profiles. Everything is ready to grow with your social media strategy!

With these actions, you will be able to download a complete Pinterest board with all the pins included in it.

▶️ If you want, you can download one by one or download a pin in video format.

▶️ Another option to not lose content on Pinterest is to download the Pinterest Save extension, so you can add it to your boards when you hover over an image in your browser.

Before you start downloading the Pinterest boards you have created, you need to start on the social network with your pins, and here we have the Metricool’s Pinterest marketing guide to help you succeed. 

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 23 March 2022

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