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Carlos Bravo
14 October, 2021

You just landed on Pinterest, and manually posting your pins takes you a lot of time. You might wonder if there is an option to plan your content ahead of time and leave it scheduled. 

The answer is yes… with Metricool!

In this post, I will tell you how you can program all the content you want to post on Pinterest from Metricool. 

How to schedule pins on Metricool

Planning and programming your Pinterest content on Metricool will help you manage your time and use the day for other important tasks.

How to do it? Stay with us. We’ll tell you all about it.

To schedule your content on Pinterest, you need to register with Metricool.

Haven’t you created an account yet?

If you are already part of Metricool, skip the previous step and get to work!

1 Go to Planner and Create New Post

In the Metricool planner, go to Create New Post and check the Pinterest box.

2 Schedule your Content

Within Metricool’s planner, you can post pins on existing boards in your account or create a new one from the platform.

Add the image you want to publish, keeping in mind the limits set by Pinterest: .PNG or .JPG format, and a maximum of 20 MB. It is also recommended that you use a 2:3 ratio or 1000X1500 px

In the description, you can add a text and a link if you need it. Remember that you can also add a title for your Pin.

Finally, add the board your pin belongs to or create a new one from Metricool.

schedule pinterest with Metricool planner

3 Select the date to post

Have you already prepared the post? Choose the date and time you want your pin to be published and click save. Also, you can check the ‘Publish now’ box so the content will be upload on Pinterest at the moment. 

You can check on your calendar that the Pin has been properly scheduled.

4 Done!

You don’t need to do anything else. Metricool will do the rest and publish the pin at the right time. 

Wait, this is not all. There is something else! Keep reading.

Metricool Autolists

With Metricool’s autolists, you can program content weekly, so your Pinterest profile is permanently active. 

This helps you save work time: you plan the content for several days and forget about it, while Metricool does the work for you.

The only difference with the normal planner is that you cannot add a title to the pin, but you can create a Board or add the post to an existing one.

schedule pinterest with Metricool autolist

You already have everything to schedule Pinterest with Metricool. What are you waiting for?

Carlos Bravo


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