Facebook segmentation: How to target your audience properly

Sara Martín
19 March, 2020

What’s Facebook Ads Segmentation?

When you start creating Facebook ads, one of the steps is to target your audience, something that is not often understood and done properly, so the ad doesn’t perform as expected and its impact is diminished.

This is why I am here today to explain to you why making a good segmentation is important and how it will help you to improve results.

Why to target your Facebook ads

▶️ Avoid paying more. If you don’t target your ads, more people who are not interested in your products will receive them and consequently, you will pay more for them. For instance, without a correct audience segmentation, an ad of a boutique in France could be shown to a person in Australia, which is worthless.

▶️ You will optimize the budget of your ad campaigns. When you only show the ad to people with interest in the product you offer, your investment will be more profitable.

▶️ It allows you to personalize your ad campaigns and create conversion funnels. 

Facebook segmentation options

There are multiple options that let you create audience segmentation for Facebook ad campaigns:

✅ Location Targeting

This segmentation is used to reach users who are in a specific country, city or state. You can also target your ads worldwide.

✅ Demographic Targeting

This type of segmentation consists of targeting your ads to people within an age range or gender.

For instance, if you sell products that will be used by women exclusively, you can select to target your ads to this gender only. Or if your target audience is over 20 years old, you can exclude people under 20 with an age range segmentation.

✅ Interest Targeting

You can even target your audience a bit more and concentrate your ads on particular behaviors, hobbies or interests. 

If you sell surfboards, you can focus your ad on people who enjoy surfing or water sports.

✅ Behavior Targeting

You can even go further… segment your ads based on habits, some particular activities or the use of technological devices.

Plus, Facebook gives you the opportunity of doing retargeting. One of the most interesting options for a sales funnel. This is possible thanks to Facebook Pixel which helps you target your ads to users who have previously visited your website.

✅ Lookalike audience

A Lookalike Audience is a type of custom audience that helps you reach new users with similar characteristics to existing customers, that is, they are likely to show interest in your products. 

How to segment and advertise on Facebook

There is not a unique perfect targeting strategy on Facebook. You must define your target audience to know how to focus your ads. Once you get this point clear, you will be able to create a correct segmentation on Facebook.

1. Learn about your business audience

Have you defined your objective of selling your products to a specific audience, study and find out what their interests are. Then, apply this information to create a segmentation on Facebook to ensure that your ads will reach those potential customers that you have previously defined.

2. Analyze your competitor’s ads

With an analysis of your competition, you will be able to collect priceless information about how they design and manage their ads as well as who to direct their ad campaigns towards.

3. Set up a Budget

This is a crucial step to improve your ad campaigns. In order to create a budget, first you must get a rough idea of how much money you will need to reach the goals set for your business. 

With these simple steps, you will get valuable information about your audience, you will understand your competitor’s strategy and foremost, you will know a bit better how to create a correct segmentation for your ads.

And here are all the basics you need to know about targeting your Facebook Ads.

Want to know more about marketing on Facebook? Watch out…

Sara Martín


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