Formulas to improve your website copywriting

Isabel Romero
5 May, 2021

What is copywriting? Are there magic formulas for copywriting ?

Is it difficult for you to structure the contents of your website?

Do you want to sell yourself better through your texts but you have no idea how to do it?

Today I’ll reveal 4 special copywriting formulas that will fit like a glove and change the way you write and focus your content.

Take note of these simple guidelines and wake up to the copywriter in you!

What is copywriting?

Before starting with copywriting formulas, it is important that you know what the term “Copywriting” really means.

Discovering how it can help you improve your online presence is the first step to focusing the texts on your website towards the needs of your client or reader.

Copywriting definition

Copywriting can be understood as the “art of persuasive writing.” A good copywriter must have the ability to woo potential clients by delivering what they really need.

The key is to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client!

formulas de copywriting

Copywriting formulas, 4 that can help you get more sales

At this point, you are surely wondering how to start writing your first digital texts.

The truth is that there are a wide variety of techniques that will help you to write successfully and reach your audience.

I have prepared the 4 most effective formulas for you to enter this exciting world. What do you think, should we get started?

1. AIDA Method

Every self-respecting copywriter knows this classic writing formula. This technique owes its name to the four words that define it and make up the acronym A.I.D.A. Let’s see together what it consists of!.

Let’s see together what it consists of! Take note:

✅Awareness. To get them to like your content, you must first get their attention. If you can’t get your website visitors to stay, or be surprised, nothing you do will have the effects you expect.

✅Spend time on headlines and first impressions. Choosing to pose a question or enigma is always a good move.

Imagine that you have to write a text for an ergonomic pillow company.

Some examples of how you could target potential customers would be:

There is something preventing you from resting. Discover the 4 reasons why you should sleep well’.

✅Interest. This is where you should focus on getting this potential customer interested in your brand. Tell him about the benefits of your product.

⚠️ Careful!
Do not describe in detail its features or technical qualities. Rather you should talk about what the product in question offers and what makes it the most interesting option.

Continuing with the previous example, when you enter the pillow ecommerce world, you find a promotional banner that offers the latest model:

‘Latest generation memory foam design to ensure a healthy night’s rest’.

✅ Desire. You have already caught the attention of your customers, now you have to focus on what they want or need from you. Convince them that you can make their life better.

Tell them how much their daily life will improve if they get a proper night’s rest, for example.

✅ Action: the time has come for the potential customer that you have attracted, and who is already interested, to better understand how to acquire your product or service.

👉🏻 Trick: You can push them to ‘action’. Explain to them, at the right time, how to get a discount or promotional code. Don’t let them escape!

2.  PAS Formula 

To implement the second of the copywriting formulas described here, you must ‘activate’ your ability to put yourself in the shoes of another.

From empathy you will be able to identify ways to inquire into the mind of your ideal client and strengthen ties with them. Let’s see how to do it:

✅Pain. Find out what your audience cares about (pain point)  and expose them. This will catch their attention and make them wonder how you can help them.

Example. Do you feel tired every morning despite having slept 8 hours?

✅Agitate. Wake your client up by making them share your concerns. Shake up the message and transform it into a text that removes their pain point and makes them feel like they are in it with you, together.

Example. Are you tired of arriving to work with a grumpy face and not being able to prove your worth due to the dream that you can’t seem to shake?

✅Solve. The decisive moment arrives: to present your solution to the problem. At this time, you and your client will shake hands. This is your chance to start forging a long friendship!

Example. There are many people who, like you, do not rest properly and we see how this affects their daily life. What if you could improve your rest by simply changing your pillow?


3. FAB Formula

This formula is ideal for the copies that you have on your website aimed at selling a specific service or product.  Your text should answer three questions:

✅ Features. Explain in a clear and direct way the attributes of your product..

If we take the Metricool tool as an example, it would look like this:

Metricool is a tool for programming and measuring analytics for your social networks.

✅ Advantages. Explain what those characteristics can do for your customers and how you can make them happier and improve their lifestyle.

Following the example above:

Metricool will allow you to save time and organize your work in the blink of an eye.

✅ Benefits. At this point you must be practical and bet on the simplicity of your copyright. Make the problems that your product or service will solve be known!

The social media management and monitoring tool, Metricool, will help you reduce your stress level at work and take control again.

4. 4U Formula

To put the finishing touch to my list of copywriting formulas, I want to detail the 4U formula and what it consists of.

One of the most effective formulas and used widely by experts for online marketing. If you follow this formula when writing your texts, you must appeal to:

✅ Urgency. Conveying a sense of urgency will appeal to the reader or client’s curiosity.

✅ The unique character of your product or service. Let your client discover what sets you apart from the rest. What makes you unique is your best asset.

✅ Utility. Make it clear why choosing your product or service will be useful to them.

The last U is very important. You must be ultra-specific with your copywriting. Bet on precision and brevity. Get to the point!

Now you know how good copywriting can get you into the mind of your client. And, most importantly, win their heart for a long time.

Take your writing skills for a walk and don’t hesitate to share your successes with us. There are many copywriting formulas that will help you structure your content.  

I’ll wait for your comments! 😉

Isabel Romero


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