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Sara Martín
30 April, 2019

Social media has become a wonderful tool to reach the greatest number of customers possible.

When you start a new business, you probably open a profile in all the main social channels so they work as a window for your product or service. However, it’s hard to take on everything and stand out. It might happen that you neither reach a broader audience nor gain new potential customers despite your efforts.

So, what’s going on? How can you create valuable content to meet your goals?

Social media copywriting can help you find the right path for your marketing strategy.

But let’s start from the beginning, what’s copywriting?

What’s copywriting?

You have probably come across this term in multiple occasions, but what is it exactly?

We can define copywriting as persuasive writing. The idea or objective is to get your customer to perform the action that you want them to take through persuasive writing techniques.

A good copywriting text is the definitive step to ‘persuade’ and get sales from your ideal customer.

Why is copywriting so important on social media? 

The same way you use copywriting to sell your product, a good social media copywriting will help you to conquer your ideal customer:

✅ To like or follow your page;
✅ To comment on your publications;
✅ To sell your product, for example a course.

You can get a customer to take the action you want by connecting emotionally with them. But how do you do that?

You must differentiate your business from competitors. Your audience is likely tired of constant publicity and attempts at sales while navigating on their social media accounts.

Your objective should be trying to make them feel that they are unique by using social media copywriting. Treat your brand and your public as if they were the same person.

Now that you have reached their hearts. Shall we go to the next step?

PAS Formula 

One of the most popular copywriting techniques is the PAS formula.

This formula helps you create texts to persuade your ideal customer. It is very effective on social media and also when you are composing emails.

What is it about? The importance of the words behind this acronym.

✅ Problem. What are your audience’s worries? This is step one, find your audience’s needs.

✅ Agitate. This is the most creative part, it’s time to stir up a bit those problems.

✅ Solve. This is when you reveal the solution and give value to your product.

It’s crucial to understand and control your audience and their interests so this formula succeeds.

If your audience doesn’t identify with the problem, these three steps won’t work.

UUUU Formula 

One of the keys for copywriting is to stick to the point and not to beat around the bush. This is something that you should always keep in mind when you start writing.

UUUU is one of the most typical formulas to apply on short texts. This type of copywriting is characterized by being brief and useful.

These texts are:

✅ Useful
✅ Urgent
✅ Unique
✅ Ultra-specific

Tips to write on social media successfully and not die trying 

At this point, you are probably aware that not everything on social media is about simply retweeting something and that the growth of your social media community is not a product of magic.

You must captivate your public with high-quality content, by giving some good tips. These are very important elements that you should include in your marketing strategy.

Next, we have put together some recommendations that will help you to get closer to your customers:

✅ Sharing is caring.

Keep your audience happy by indulging them with relevant and useful content. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about current issues. However, make sure that your content doesn’t seem like a constant ad trying to persuade them to buy on your website.

Attract more traffic to your website or online store by adding a link to your content.

✅ Curiosity killed the cat (not)

One of the most important aspects of human beings is that we keep asking questions. If you add to the mix a good cup of coffee, the least relevant article will seem interesting if it includes the right question.

A well formulated question is an invitation to debate, an invitation to users to respond and interact. It will be a guaranteed success for a Facebook post, Tweet or Instagram photo.

Right? 😉

✅ Being personal works.

Use a personal story that allows customers to see themselves identified. Normally stories about loss and defeat work well but you can try another type of personal narrative.

Write about a successful case, for example one related to your product will become the best “call-to-action” on your social media channel. Everybody wants to win.

✅ Attention is essential.

Maintain the community that you have built by posting original and attractive content and offering appealing products, etc. This should be a long-term goal.

Additionally, if your ideal customer is in harmony with you and you interact with them through comments and messages on your profile, you will earn their trust and they will become your customers.

Copywriting depending on the social media channel used 

Social media copywriting is a must for your strategy. However, each social platform is different, with their own hidden details and pros and cons.

Based on that, we have proposed some guidelines so you can prepare a better copywriting depending on the social channel you are on:


The most active platform amongst the three main social media channels is characterized by having a more open and social public.

→ Short texts that can be read fast to attract attention.

→ Multimedia content taking advantage of all the possibilities that Facebook brings (Videos, images or Facebook live).

→ Links to share any content related to your page.


This platform is more informative than the other social media channels. The public look for the immediacy of Twitter to share and read information.

How can we be more productive on Twitter?

→ Use an organized and clean copy. If it is already hard to inform in a few words, you probably won’t get any interaction if your text is dense and messy.

→ Hashtags are your best ally. They will help you to reach more people. Use them wisely.

→ Activity is important: Give people something to talk about and let others get to know you through RT’s, likes or mentions on conversations.


Photography is the primary means of attention on this social media channel. A high-quality picture at least guarantees you reach more users. Besides, if it awakens interest, you will get plenty of likes.

Which ins and outs does Instagram have?

→ Clear and concise messaging. Instagram is meant for photo galleries and the audience normally doesn’t stop to read a text. The perfect union is a striking photo along with a simple text.

→ Be careful by adding links as they don’t work on Instagram. You can use Metricool’s link for your Instagram BIO to solve this problem.

→ The importance of multimedia: Photos with effect or viral videos. If you hit the target with this type of content, you have already won.

Now that you know how important social media copywriting is. Will you consider these tips and information for your strategy?

Let us know if you have any question or you’d like to share other copywriting techniques that worked for you. We will read your comments!

Sara Martín


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