7 Pinterest tips to gain followers

09 February 2022

Do you want to know some Pinterest tips on how to gain followers?

There is no magic formula to grow on Pinterest and increase your community of followers. However, we have prepared a list of tips to grow in the social network of pins and optimize your positioning.

Grab your notebook of ideas and inspirations to succeed and write down these Pinterest tips to grow your community.

Pinterest tip #1: Be consistent with your posts

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but let’s face it, it was possible through constant work.

And this is the same with Pinterest: keep your boards up to date and don’t leave them empty. 

Suppose that you enter a profile you like and see that it has been 5 months since they last posted a pin. You would you run away instantly, right? On the contrary, if you see an account that posts interesting, consistent content, you won’t think twice about hitting the ‘Follow’ button.

Pinterest tip #2: Organize your boards

What would happen if you entered a bookstore and see that everything is disorganized and misplaced? You would miss a lot of books that could be interesting for you, but that you were unable to find.

If your profile is not well organized, the same will happen on Pinterest.

Having your pins in the right place will be a joy for users who come to your profile. Not only because it’s nice to see an organized feed, but because they’ll find the content they’re interested in right away. That is a guaranteed follow.

Pinterest tip #3: Plan your content

Can you imagine having a calendar where all your pins are scheduled to automatically post whenever you want?

Programming the content of your Pinterest profile in the short and long term will allow your boards to always have content. This way, you can dedicate your time to other tasks, which enable you to be more efficient in your work.

With Metricool, you can schedule your pins on Pinterest, with all the social network possibilities: add an image or video, the copy, hashtags, and add it to an existing board or even a new one.

So, choose the content you want to upload, the time and date of publication, and the board to which it corresponds. Done! Let’s continue.

Pinterest tip #4: Analyze the performance of your strategy

Having your boards organized and being consistent with your posts is crucial. But it’s equally important to analyze the performance of your content strategy.

How can you know if your strategy is on the right path if you don’t know your results? Study the interactions, analyze the impressions and calculate the engagement of your Pinterest content to know whether to continue with your strategy.

With Metricool, in addition to scheduling your pins, you can measure the performance of your posts: impressions achieved, engagement, detailed interactions, pin clicks, outbound click, and how many times users have saved your pins. 

Knowing your mistakes will help you with your Pinterest strategy and therefore keep growing.

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Pinterest tip #5: Interact with other users

The foundation of any social network is based on the interaction with other users.

The same thing happens on Pinterest. The more active you are with other profiles, the higher the chance users will get to know you! As a result, increasing the chance of receiving more followers.

Use comments to talk to other creators, save their pins to your boards, and participate in the Pinterest community.

Pinterest tip #6: Create good copy for your pins

Although Pinterest pins attract attention for their artistic touch, good design, or groundbreaking videos, it is recommended that you also unleash your creativity with the copy to encourage interactions.

Try explanatory texts of your pin, invite users to participate with questions, polls, debates, and encourage them to add comments to your pin.

These interactions will make your pin resonate with others and attract the attention of new users. If they like the content they see, you will gain new followers!

Pinterest tip #7: Create ads

Social media advertising and marketing is one of the main strategies to grow.

Use the available Pinterest Ads formats to reach new users and grow your number of followers. You have several formats: pin promotion, videos, carousels, application pins, or stories.

Choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and give it a go!

Now, before starting growing your followers on Pinterest you need to start on the social network and you need our Metricool Pinterest Marketing guide.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 09 February 2022


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