How to make use of your personal or business brand on Pinterest

12 February 2022

 Pinterest is an amazingly successful social media platform that is awakening interest in many people and gently graining ground. This explains why I am here today to describe how to include this social network in your marketing strategy and what the advantages of using Pinterest in your day-to-day business are. 

Advantages of Pinterest for your business

  • You can save pins on your boards with different content on Pinterest: photos, infographics, drawings, videos, etc. Besides, these pins can be linked to a website and increase traffic. Therefore, Pinterest can turn into a visual window of your business.
  • You can show everything that your business does and its products and services on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is the perfect social platform for décor and beauty businesses: visual, attractive and quality content triumph at Pinterest.

To convert or to create a new business account

If you don’t know how to convert your personal Pinterest account to a business account yet, you can find a link here.


Here are some valuable tips to help your brand succeed on Pinterest:

✅ Define your objectives well on this social network.

✅ Use an appealing high-quality image. Your profile will be more engaging and recognizable by your customers.

✅ Make sure that your boards are well organized, coherent and that each pin is in the right board.

✅ Share your Pinterest profile on other social networks to promote and get more traffic. Use CTAs so you don’t miss a single click on your profile. Also, you can link your other social media accounts to Pinterest to get visits from people that you have on your other social profiles

Pin quality and relevant images for your Pinterest profile.                                    

✅ Create a calendar and plan your content. If you organize your work with what you have to publish in mind, your strategy will be more valuable, you will improve your presence on Pinterest, increase the number of followers and the traffic to your website.

✅ Verify your Pinterest account. Completing the verification process will provide your business with an official visibility. With a verified account you will have access to Pinterest analytics section and all the detailed information about your pins. Besides, verified accounts position better on Pinterest search results.

✅ Differentiate the content published. It doesn’t make too much sense to limit your publications to commercial content about your products or services. Improve your presence on Pinterest and share other high-quality content.

✅ Customize your board covers. You know that Pinterest is one of the most visual social networks nowadays. It’s your chance to transmit and improve the accessibility of your content to users. Play with visual content and add personalized covers to your boards. You will capture people’s attention and your profile will be better organized visually.

✅ Analyze your Pinterest account with the information provided. With Pinterest analytics, you will have access to consecutive analytics graphs with the following data:

  • Number of followers
  • Pins with more impressions
  • Repins

✅ Optimize your pins and boards for SEO: If you would like your content and profile to be easily found, you should use attractive tittles and carefully describe pins. Add keywords and calls-to-action on your publications.

Mistakes to avoid

Here are also some common mistakes that you should avoid on Pinterest:

❌ Use Pinterest only as a product catalog.

Don’t include keywords and pin’s descriptions. Underestimate Pinterest SEO.

❌ Use only photos and leave behind videos and infographics.

❌ Don’t track and monitor how your Pinterest strategy is working.

❌ Forget about interacting with users and only focus on pinning.

Ignore comments, questions or users’ requests on your pins.

So, this is the summary about how you can apply Pinterest to your marketing strategy.

Do you have any doubts? 👇🏻

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 12 February 2022
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