How to Set Up A Pinterest Shop 

14 September 2023

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. However, it has been found that users on Pinterest are using it much more frequently as a search engine for purchasing rather than scrolling. 

As of April of 2023, Pinterest has over 463 Million users according to Data Reportal. So if you are not on Pinterest or are not using Pinterest to it’s full potential, be sure to keep reading to learn everything you know about setting up a Pinterest shop!

What is Pinterest Shop

Pinterest is a unique social media platform where users can scroll through feeds and discover and like both images and videos to create their own carefully curated boards. People use the app for recipes, home decor, fashion, and so much more. With users utilizing the app with the intent to find things they like or want, it makes for a great way to sell products. 

Why Set Up A Pinterest Shop 

Just like many other social platforms, e-commerce shopping has exploded, but Pinterest is one of the only social media platforms where users are utilizing the platform with the intent of shopping. 

Pinterest is where people find their favorite products. And when they find something that they love, they’re willing to pay more. 40% more per month in fact, than people on other social platforms.


Set Up a Pinterest Shop

Setting up a Pinterest Shop is easy just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Create a Pinterest Business Account, follow these steps linked if needed. 
  2. Add your data source- you must add a URL to your business’s website or catalog to be able to begin your shop page. 
  3. Upload your products with a third-party integration
  4. Organize your products- create categories for your product types
  5. Promote your products- Create some shopping ads
  6. Features and tools- tag your products in your pins

Now you can officially start selling your products using Pinterest! 

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