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06 October 2021

Engagement on Pinterest is the activity level that users have with the content you post.

Beyond your community and the number of followers you have, engagement considers the interactions you achieve with your content on your Pinterest account.

Pinterest engagement factors

Each social network calculates the engagement differently, including in the formula different factors.

Before I explain the Pinterest engagement formula, let’s review the factors included in the calculation. 

Saved Pins 

The number of pins that Pinterest users have saved to their respective profiles.

To calculate the saved pin rate, the total saved pins are divided by the times the posted pins have been on the screen.

Clicks on Pin

The total clicks you have obtained on a pin or ad inside or outside the social network.

The rate of clicks is obtained by dividing the total clicks by the times your Pins or ads were shown on the screen.

Outbound Clicks

The number of times users perform actions that take them to a destination outside of Pinterest: online stores, other social networks, etc.

The outbound click rate is calculated by dividing the total clicks on the destination URL on your Pin by the number of times your Pin was on screen.

Other factors

In addition to those mentioned above, Pinterest also considers as interactions:

✅ Pins’ Carousel card swipes

✅ Secondary creative (collections) clicks

✅ Idea Pin forward/backward swipes

How to calculate Pinterest engagement

Pinterest calculates the engagement for business accounts.

You can access all the relevant stats and analytics of the content you publish from this type of profile ?

What formula does Pinterest use to calculate engagement?

formula to calculate engagement pinterest

With this formula, you can get the engagement of your Pinterest profile.

What if I tell you that there is another way to have your engagement at the click of a button? Keep reading!

Pinterest with Metricool

If you connect your Pinterest Business account to Metricool, you can access your analytics from this social network with a couple of clicks, including your engagement rate.

Click on your Pinterest profile and choose which dates you want to analyze. Now, look at your analytics.

Metricool collates all the necessary information to calculate the engagement: impressions and interactions. Additionally, we provide the breakdown of the main interactions: Saves, Pin Clicks, and Outbound Clicks

You will also find a graph to see the evolution of your engagement along with the impressions you have obtained and the number of pins you have published in the selected time frame.

Engagement is essential to measure and know how your Pinterest profile is performing. It considers:

Interactions, the number of times users interact with your pins including: clicks, saves and outbound clicks.

Impressions, the number of times your pins or ads are displayed on screen.

Are you planning to open an account on Pinterest? Go big with this Pinterest Marketing guide from Metricool.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 06 October 2021
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