How to Grow on Facebook in 2022

Carlos Bravo
5 May, 2022

Want to know how to grow on Facebook and take your business page to the next level?

If you want results, you’ll have to work hard. But this guide we’ve prepared will accompany you throughout the journey.

Tips for Growing on Facebook

If you put these tips and suggestions into practice, you’ll have a better chance of growing your page.

But, as you surely know, this is a marathon, not a sprint. The hardest part is getting started, but the challenge is continuing and growing. Ready? Get set!

Optimize your company page

The fan page isn’t just “the page” where you’re going to share content, it’s also a showcase for your business or brand. What would your display look like if it was a bricks-and-mortar business? Of course, it would be pretty, organized, and attractive to draw people into your shop.

The same goes for your fan page: it should be optimized. Add cover and profile pics, your brand name, contact info, and any other information users that come to your page could need.

Having a carefully curated page in every way will attract new followers.

Specify your target audience

Who are you targeting when you create content for your Facebook page?

It may seem silly, but having a clear idea of your target will help you establish your content strategy and win on Facebook. Do a study of your target audience, their needs and how you can help them, then create your content.

This way, you’ll attract the users you really want and who are interested in the content you post. This is the best way to grow your community of followers.

Share interesting content

Think the content you’re sharing and posting on your page is interesting? Facebook’s users aren’t attracted to trivial content that has nothing to do with their lives or the page they follow. 

Take as much time as you need to set up a content strategy that brings value to your community: keep the members you have and attract new ones to your fan page. 

Content is the essential element that will get users to interact with you.

Analyze the metrics for your content

Following on from the previous tip, so you can promote the content that people like on your Facebook page, how do you know which posts are doing best?

One key aspect of learning how to grow on Facebook is analyzing the metrics, knowing what is working and what isn’t. That will allow you to boost your strategy, make changes or get rid of content that isn’t doing anything for you.

At Metricool, you’ll find all the metrics for your Facebook page to analyze your page’s growth or the impact of your content. On Facebook itself, you’ll also find insights on your page that you can look at when you need them.

Plan your posts

Always having content on your Facebook fan page is key to generating engagement, but it’s also important for users visiting your page for the first time and your followers to know the page is active.

Be consistent with your posts so users don’t forget about you or find the latest post is from over a month ago.

How to be consistent and not die trying? With Metricool, you can schedule your content for your fan page and post it automatically while you’re concentrating on other things. 

Plus, with Metricool, you can see what time is best for posting and boosting engagement with your content. The best times are when users are most active. Take advantage of them to reach your goal!

Try Metricool for free!

Interact with your audience

How to grow on Facebook and make your followers and users feel like part of a big community? You know the answer: by engaging with them.

A wall with unanswered comments or without likes looks bad, doesn’t it? Answer your users when they leave comments, like their responses. 

If they feel you care and make them part of your community, they’ll keep participating and commenting on your posts. Plus, they’ll speak positively of you to other users, getting you new followers.

Take advantage of the content possibilities

Facebook continues to grow and offer new options to create content and attract new users.

Stories, Reels, Live, Facebook 360… the options for growth are varied and each one will contribute to your content strategy.

Our tip is to make the most of these content options when posting on your page. Even if you think something doesn’t fit your brand tone, users know there is content, like Reels, that is more casual. This can give them a different view of the brand without straying from your goal.

With these tips on how to grow on Facebook, we hope you can give your fan page a push.

Add these recommendations to the Metricool Facebook Marketing Guide we’ve prepared and you’re ready for success!

Carlos Bravo


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