How to hide likes on Instagram posts

14 July 2021

Do you want to know how to hide likes on Instagram as well as interactions on your Instagram posts?

Find out how to hide like count on Instagram, so that no user can see the number of likes you have received on each post.

Can you hide your likes on Instagram?

The first thing to do is to open the account you want to hide likes on.

Once you have logged in, follow these steps to hide likes on Instagram.

This action can only be done one at a time. You have to go through this process for every post, as you can’t just apply this to your whole profile all at once.

1 Go to your profile

Click on the button with your profile photo at the bottom right, to access your feed. Here you can see each one of the posts that you have posted to your account.

2 Choose the post

Once you are on your profile, you have to choose on which post you are going to hide your likes. It can be a video or an image, but not a Reel or an IGTV video.

3 Click on ‘···’

You will find this button in the top right corner of your post. Click on this, and Instagram gives you a range of options regarding your post.

4 Click on Hide Like Count

Final step, click on Hide Like Count. When you choose this option, the number of likes disappears from your post. 

how to hide likes on Instagram

How to go back to having your likes?

If you want the number of likes to appear again on Instagram, all you have to do is following the same process but the opposite.

In this situation, the button changes to Show Likes Count.

What it means to hide likes on Instagram

The main result of hiding your likes on Instagram is that the app will not show the number of likes you received. Or similarly, the number of likes on each post.

With this, any user that is not you cannot see the number of likes you have received. Instead, they will see the name of the first person to like the post, and the word “others”. 

Does this affect the Instagram algorithm?

If you hide likes on Instagram, it does not have any effect on your posts’ listing. However, it does create issues when you’re trying to measure the success of a campaign or when companies are looking at your content to see if they should work with you.

In any case, there are tools available for measuring interactions and likes on your Instagram post. 

One of these is Metricool. With Metricool, you can analyze the number of likes on each Instagram post and create a report of the results for the month. 

This report contains all the information about the likes, comments, engagement, and interactions that your account has received.

How to hide likes from other Instagram accounts

One of the other options that Instagram offers is to hide the number of likes and content shares from other accounts.

This does not affect you or your account in any way, just that you will not be able to see the number of likes on other Instagram profiles.

Here is how to hide likes on Instagram from other accounts, step-by-step.

1 Go into Settings

On your Instagram profile, click on the button with three horizontal lines at the top right. 
In Settings, you can edit everything related to your account.

2 Choose Privacy and Posts

In the privacy section, you have the option to configure the interactions on your profile. Among the alternatives, if you click on Posts, you will access your posts’ settings.

3 Choose Hide Like and View Counts

The first tab you see is the one you want to activate. It says Hide Like and View Counts. 

With this switch turned on, you cannot see the number of likes or shares of the post from other accounts.

how to hide likes on Instagram

You can turn this option on and off whenever you like, all you have to do is follow the same steps, and turn the switch either on or off.

Now you know how to hide likes on Instagram. Are you going to hide them, or would you prefer to leave them visible to every user?

Tell us in the comments section.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 14 July 2021

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