How the Instagram Reels algorithm works

15 September 2021

Do you want to know how the Instagram algorithm works with Reels? Take note and pay attention to this post to keep it in mind when you design your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Which reels does the algorithm decide to show you?

Here, you will learn the key elements to know how Instagram determines which Reels to show and what you need to avoid, so your content is not penalized. 

The actions you take

Instagram takes into account, first of all, which actions you take on the Reels that you follow or receive when you are browsing the social network.

The likes you give, the reels you comment on, and the recent engagement with each content are relevant for Instagram.

The history with the person you interact with

If you often interact with a creator who uploads Reels, Instagram is more likely to show you their content.

Even if you don’t follow their account, Instagram interprets that what they share on Reels is relevant and interesting to you.

Information about the content of the Reel

Instagram values ​​the quality of the Reel’s content: the audio track, popularity, and also pixels and frames.

Make sure you record the videos with the best quality possible with the mobile devices at your disposal. If it has low quality or poorly heard audio, the Instagram reels algorithm won’t like it. 

Information about the content creator

This last aspect considers the popularity of the content creator on Instagram and how users interact with it.

Instagram values from very popular creators to lesser-known creators, allowing everyone to grow through Reels.

These are positive aspects to consider when creating content for Reels and beating the algorithm.

However, what negative aspects should you avoid, so your content is not penalized by Instagram?

Aspects to avoid to succeed with the Reels algorithm

Pay attention to the following if you don’t want Instagram to penalize your content.

Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t like content with these characteristics:

❌ Videos with poor quality

A reel recorded at low resolution or with watermarks will definitely lose positions in the ranking. 

Try to record at the highest possible quality and, if you are going to edit the video, do it with a program that does not leave a watermark.

❌ Political content

Instagram penalizes the content of Reels videos that are related to political issues.

❌ Political figures

The application also avoids recommending Reels shared by political figures, supporters of politicians, or those recorded on their behalf.

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In this article, we have summarized how the Instagram algorithm works. Keep all these factors in mind to beat the algorithm and succeed with your Reels. Also, be careful with those negative factors that can penalize your content.

Do you have any questions? We will read your comments.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 15 September 2021

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