How to see my Google Business Profile reviews

23 November 2021

Do you have your company on Google My Business? If so, you already know the importance of users’ Google reviews and replying to them, whether they are positive or negative.

To do it,  first, you need to know how to see Google reviews from your computer and mobile devices. In this article, you will discover how. 

See my Google reviews

You can find your Google reviews from your mobile or PC, the device you use the most for work.

1 Enter your Google My Business dashboard

You can enter the platform page directly or search Google.

2 Go to the sidebar column

Here you have the button to see the reviews users have left on your business: if you click on “last reviews,” you can access the most recent ones.

3 Respond to reviews

If you want to leave a reply to the posted review, click reply and post.

4 Change location

If you have more than one business, click on ‘All Locations’, select the one you want and then ‘Manage reviews’.

Do you want to see your reviews from your mobile device? You can do it too!

See my Google reviews from mobile

If you usually work with your mobile, you also can check the reviews that users leave on your business.

In the app: download the application and register. Within the app, click on reviews to see user ratings and respond to them.

In the browser: go to the official Google My Business page and scroll to the Reviews section. You can see and respond to them.

Manage your Google reviews from Metricool

Do you want to manage your Google My Business listing and see your reviews on the same platform?

With Metricool, it is possible:

Manage your business reviews: You will see the Google My Business reviews from the tool, and you can also reply to them. 

Analyze the performance of your listing: the number of searches, views, and clicks on each post from the tool.

Schedule the content: plan and program the content of your listing on Google My Business and save work time.

Now you know how to view, manage and reply to Google My Business reviews. You can do it from your computer or mobile or, with Metricool, all from the same platform.

If you have any questions about starting on Google My Business, this Metricool guide will come in handy to take the first steps.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 23 November 2021


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