How can I verify my Google Business Profile?

17 February 2022

Do you want to know how to verify your Google My Business account and take advantage of all the Google options to succeed with your company?

We will tell you all about it in this post!

Verify your company from Google My Business

Before we get to work, you first need to be the owner of the Google My Business listing. You achieve this by being the creator of the listing or claiming ownership.

Once the company profile is selected, Google shows you the verification option. Now it’s time to act!

Verify your business by mail

The most common way to request verification from Google is through regular mail.

Google is responsible for sending you a postcard to your address with a unique code, to confirm the location of your business. This code will arrive in about two weeks by mail and expires after 30 days.

In this case, you must review your business information first to receive the postcard at the right place.

So, how do you request this postcard?

1 Sign into Google and choose the business you want to verify.

2 Click Verify Now, review the address information, and request your postcard.

3 When you receive the unique code from Google, enter it and follow the steps requested by the platform.

4 Once verification is complete, you can add new administrators to take over management while maintaining ownership.

Although this is the usual method, certain companies, such as service areas or hybrid businesses, can request verification over the phone or using different methods explained below.

To find out if you qualify, check out this Google link.

Verify by phone

1 Log in from a PC with your company profile.

2 When choosing the business you want to verify, select the phone number option.

3 Wait to receive a SMS and enter the received code.

Verify by email

1 Log in to your company profile and select the company to verify.

2 Among the options, select the email.

3 Tap Verify. When you receive the email in your inbox, follow the steps to complete the process.

4 Before starting the verification process, check that you have access to the email you are using to verify your listing.

Verify by video

This method is somewhat more complicated than the rest, but it is also used to verify your Google My Business listing.

You can upload a video through the Google My Business application, whether on Android, Tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

1 Click Verify and Record a video.

2 This video needs to show the current location (for example, you can capture outside signs), equipment, and proof of management (content to show that you have the authorization to represent your business).

4 Upload the video to the Google platform. You will see that the option to verify is no longer available.

5 Wait for Google to review the video, which will take about 5-6 business days. If it is correct, you will have verification. If not, the verify option will be active to try again.

Why verify your business on Google My Business?

The most important reason to have your company verified on Google My Business is the same as on any other platform or social network on the internet: security.

✅ Verifying your Google company ensures that no other user can impersonate you and make changes without your consent. Protect your company or business on Google.

What other reasons do you have to verify your identity on Google My Business? 👇🏻

✅ It is essential to manage all your company’s information regarding Google Searches or Maps and thus make changes to your listing.

Without this verification you will not be able to see statistics or respond to reviews, since Google needs to verify that you are the owner to do so. 

Updates of information such as reviews, photos, events, among others, are an important factor when it comes to positioning your business on Google.

If you do not verify or modify the information, you will miss many opportunities to climb positions in Google search results. 

Now you know how and why to verify your Google My Business account. Start generating views in your business.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 17 February 2022


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