How to Live Stream on Twitch

14 May 2020

If you spend hours watching Twitch or playing video games, you might consider starting a new stage in your life as a streamer.

This streaming platform is very popular right now and it’s difficult to escape from its siren songs. 

If you are interested in using Twitch and you don’t know how, check out this link:

If you get lost as soon as you get started on Twitch, we will tell you everything you need to start live broadcasting on this article.

Ready? Hit the record button!

How to live stream on Twitch

Starting on Twitch is quite easy, you just need to create an account.

If you have already set up an account, we give you the permission to skip this step. 👇🏻

Create a Twitch account

In two easy steps, your account will be set up. 

  1. Enter Twitch and click ‘Sign Up’. 

Fill out all the information and choose an attracting username that people will know you by in your streamings.

If you are not inspired right now, don’t worry, choose a name now and you can change it later.

live stream on Twitch
  1. Verify your account

Once you complete all the fields, Twitch will send a code to your inbox to confirm your new account.

Insert the code and in a matter of seconds your account will be verified.

Start your live streams on Twitch

If you have the hardware ready and your connection is working well, then you just need a streaming software.

There are several softwares that you can use to stream on Twitch:

For instance, XPlit or Gameshow. We are going to show you OBS Studio that is free and recommended by the platform itself.

The installation process is easy: simply enter the OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) website and download it on your Mac, Windows or Linux. Install it and it’s ready to go.

Now comes the difficult part . Be ready, soon you will start streaming.

  • Edit stream info in your Stream Manager

This is your Twitch dashboard. Here you will find everything related to your live stream.

live stream on Twitch

In stream info, choose the title for your streaming, try to choose an attractive title to get more clicks. However, this is not enough, you will have to offer quality content to encourage viewers to keep watching your stream. 

Go Live notification is the message that your followers will receive when you are going to start streaming. You can personalize it or leave the notification by default.

Then, you can select a category and search for tags that will help position your video in the different Twitch options. It will help viewers to find you easily. 

  • Set up OBS Studio.

This is the technical part of the process before you can start streaming on Twitch.

live stream on Twitch

Go to settings: In the most recent versions you will find it on the bottom right side, click it. On the left side bar, click ‘stream’ and choose Twitch as a service. 

As you can see, it’s very intuitive. Then insert the stream key that you can find on your Twitter channel’s dashboard.

On Twitch, go to ‘stream key & Preferences’ >> Then copy the primary key stream to paste on OBS studio.

Now, choose the streaming source at the bottom. Depending on what you want to show. 

If you want to show your entire monitor, choose Display Capture. Make sure that you don’t display anything confidential.

Now everything is ready to get started, click the OBS button to start streaming and building a community on Twitch!

What do you need to make perfect videos on Twitch?

It will be very difficult to stream high quality live videos with an old mobile phone and stealing your neighbor’s WiFi.

You don’t need Tony Stark’s garage-workshop to build armor but you the need a minimum to make sures your streamings are enjoyable for you and your viewers.

What do you need to start on Twitch?

▶️ Good Internet connection

First things first, without good Internet bandwidth you can create a bad experience during your streaming with delays in the playback, continuous changes in the video quality, etc.

Your provider should give you a good connection, at least 2.5 Mbps upload speed. Besides, it’s recommended that you use wired networks versus wireless to avoid interferences that might endanger the connection.  

▶️ A good computer

For a 2-hour streaming, you need a computer that guarantees the good performance of your live video. 

There is not technical specifications. However, we recommend a minimum Intel Core i5 with 8 GB RAM. Nothing under this.

Lastly, having a powerful graphic card compatible with DirectX will improve your streaming. 

▶️ Other elements

Everything that helps your broadcast is welcome. However, there are two indispensable elements:

A webcam, so your audience can see you. First, because that way they can discover who you are. Secondly, because it’s more entertaining to see someone playing than only the videogame.

A microphone with high-quality sound. You won’t need the best in the market, there are some with good performance for $10-20.

How to live stream from PS4 and Xbox One

If you have found choosing programs a bit confusing for hardware and software and you have a last generation video game console, you can stream from these types of devices on Twitch easily.

Streaming from PS4 console

In a few steps you can start broadcasting from PS4. Take notes, it’s very easy and fast.

  1. Link your PS4 console to your Twitch account

From your console, go to Settings >> Account Management >> Link with other services >> Twitch (and then start session).

  1. Start your stream.

Start the game you want to broadcast and click ‘share’ and stream your round after selecting Twitch.

Adjust your microphone, camera and screen to see all the comments from your viewers.

If you want to make any changes, press ‘Options’.

Streaming from Xbox One

If you have Microsoft’s console, the steps are very similar. However, you will need to have your phone or computer handy.

Bear in mind that the two-factor authentication is required to stream on XBox. 

  1. Download Twitch app and click to start broadcasting

Go to the store on your Xbox and install the Twitch app. You can start the session before but in the next step your session will start automatically. 

  1. Link your account

In order to start streaming you need to link your account. Xbox will provide a 6-digit code that you can insert on

After inserting your code, your account will be linked. Everything is ready now to start your broadcast!

You have everything to start broadcasting on Twitch, so now you can start building your own Twitch community.

Do you have any question? We will read your comments.

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 14 May 2020


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