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Carlos Bravo
2 December, 2021

How to add a link to TikTok? This link is a huge opportunity to drive traffic from your account.

It allows you to attract your community to your online store, website, and even to other social profiles of your brand.

In short, if you have a marketing strategy on TikTok and a large community, you have to take advantage of the link on TikTok.


The feature of the TikTok link was somewhat limited.

Now it is available for any company or business account that wants to add the bio link.

You first need a business account to add the link to your TikTok bio; otherwise, you can’t do it. 

So, let’s start from the beginning, turn your personal account into a business. If you already have it, you can skip this step.

1 Turn your personal account into business

Enter the account you want to change and tap on Profile. Among the options, click Manage account.

Finally, tap on ‘Switch to company account’ and follow the steps to configure it.

2 Edit your Profile

Once you have your business account set up, go to your profile and tap on Edit. You have this option just below the followers and the profile photo.

Among the editing possibilities, you will find the option to add ‘Website’ to put the link you want.

3 Ready

After putting the link on the bio, when users visit your profile, they will see the link below the bio and before the content.

The link is clickable both on PC and app to drive users to any page, social media platform, or online store.

However, you can only have one clickable link on TikTok: that is, you will have to choose a specific destination.

And what about all the other links you want to show off on TikTok? I have the answer for you.

With Metricool’s SmartLinks feature,  you can add the links you want to your biography and pin them to a specific video on TikTok.

This link comes in very handy if you have an online store. For example, drive the user to the link of a specific product of which you have made a video.

Metricool’s SmartLinks is a feature that allows you to create a  page with multiple links to drive your users to the sites you want. 

You create this “page” from Metricool, and you can add buttons with links, icons of social media platforms or web pages, as well as images, videos, and Instagram posts.

Metricool provides you with that general URL that you copy from the platform and paste in the bio of your social profile.

This is how the Metricool SmartLink looks like:

add a link to tiktok

What can you do with the Metricool TikTok link?


In this section, you can edit the buttons with a link: you can change the color of the text, background, and border. 

You also have the option of adding a title to each section to separate the different links. For example, if you have a nutrition store, you can separate them into categories: proteins, gym equipment, oatmeal, etc.


In this section, you can sort the images that contain links, delete them or add new ones.

From this dashboard,  you can edit everything related to the images, videos, or Instagram posts that will have images.


You have the option to edit the appearance of your link screen to customize it to your liking.


Choose an image: That can be the logo of your company, for example. We recommend that the image you choose be the same as the profile photo of your account.

The title of the link: put the name you want or leave it with the username.

The description: write a short description about the link, what they will find, or a call to action.


Choose the colors of the background, between plain or gradient, or an image that you have.


Edit the buttons’ appearance with a defined style and add a round shape or a little shadow to the button.


The images in your link are the preview of your TikTok video and also the ones with the link you add.

Here you can edit how the “feed” of your link will display: You can add a fixed image to the top, the number of columns, or give the images a round shape.

If you are just getting started… you have the perfect guide to start your marketing on TikTok!

Carlos Bravo


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