Social Media Inbox Management: Review and Respond to Messages in One Place

28 November 2023

Managing messages and comments on social media is part of every social media managers daily routine. Responding to social media messages is essential for your marketing strategy. Using a social media inbox management tool can help centralize your work, save you time, and allow you to see at a larger scope what your customers need help with, and what feedback they suggest.

If you handle social media accounts for clients, you will know that comment management and providing customer support through DMs and replies requires a lot of time, especially if done manually through each channel.

Just as users find it find it easy to comment, ask questions, or provide criticism through social media channels, they appreciate when a brand can respond to their question or concern directly.

Responding to Messages on Social Media

As you probably are already aware, you can reply to users’ messages and comments on your different social media accounts.

Each one of them has its own section and options for you to manage the messages, as well as different advantages when it comes to how you stay connected with your audience.

Let’s look at the example of some networks:

Instagram‘s private inbox allows users to ask specifc questions, as well as replies or reactions to Stories. Responding to comments is also powerful, especially since you can now respond with GIFs, a photo, or video.

Facebook has Messenger, where you can reply to all the messages received on your page. Of course, comments are also useful.

X (Twitter): Direct messages work great for maintaining private conversations with clients or followers and maintaining the privacy that public tweets don’t.

YouTube: Comments are great for interpreting viewer feedback, opinions, and ideas for future content ideas.

Google Business Profile: Google’s business social media platform allows users to keep in touch with businesses through private messages and reviews. As an administrator of the Google Business Profile listing, you can reply to the reviews.

Managing Messages With Metricool

Metricool’s Inbox feature allows you to manage your messages on Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter), as well as comments on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn (for Premium accounts) and reviews on Google Business Profile.

Everything in one place, so you don’t have to go to each social network. A way to save time and have all your messages under control. Let’s break it down again so you can see what you can manage with each network.

What social networks can you respond to with Metricool’s inbox management tool?

  • Instagram: Reply to comments and private messages.
  • Facebook: Reply to private messages and comments.
  • X (Twitter): Reply to private messages.
  • TikTok: Reply to comments.
  • YouTube: Reply to comments.
  • Google Business Profile: Respond to reviews and private messages that Google users leave on your listing.
  • LinkedIn: Reply to comments on content you shared from your company page. (For Premium accounts only).

How can you use it?

In the Inbox menu, next to Analytics, you can manage your messages. When selecting an individual message, Metricool opens the message on the right side of the screen so you can draft your response.

  • Clicking on the conversation opens the message.
  • On the right side, you can reply to each private message with text, images, videos, or GIFs. Depending on the social networks, you can use some formats or not.
  • If you are responding to a comment, you will see the post it comes from, so you will have the context to give the correct answer. 
  • When you finish, you can mark the conversation as resolved, and it will go to the All messages folder.

In addition, at Metricool, we have added filters to make it easier for you to manage your messages and comments:

✅ Per social network: Select and unselect the social media platforms you want to review. 

✅ By message type: you can filter by comment, private message, or Google reviews.

✅ Message search: You can search for a specific user through the search.

Saved texts: Create new texts to save, or access all saved texts, to save time in replying with the same answer.

Now you can manage all your social media messages in one place and always stay in touch with your audience.

⭐️ By replying to all comments and messages from Metricool, you won’t have to change users every time you want to reply from different accounts.

If you manage multiple clients within Metricool, you can switch between brands to manage messages.

Also, anyone on the team can manage messages and comments from all accounts without knowing the passwords for each of the customer profiles. In other words, just by having access to Metricool, your team will be able to manage the messages from different profiles. 

Advantages of Using Metricool’s Inbox

Social media is continuously growing, so giving support to your customers through them brings multiple benefits:

▶️ Immediate customer service

This growth generates a greater volume of work, and you should take advantage of it. Giving good customer service through these channels will improve your brand’s image.

▶️ Centralize inbox management and save time

Having analytics, planning, and messages all in the same tool will save you time and make your work easier. 

▶️ Analyze message trends and customer feedback

By having all of your social media messages in one inbox, you can analyze patterns, common questions, and messages that you receive across platforms. Also, if you have a common response, save it to your saved texts and copy it into another message.

▶️ Conversations with clients

Your responses won’t go unnoticed. This type of communication with clients is invaluable and will help you create lasting client relationships.

Social Media Inbox Management Tips

Although it may not seem like it, there are many “rules” to follow when attending to customers through social media. 

Respond promptly

When it comes to customer questions and issues, it’s important to respond quickly so customers can solve their problem. However, with this you need to be honest in what you can commit to. Don’t tell your customers you will respond quickly if this isn’t the truth.

Aim for responding to comments and messages within 24 hours, if not sooner. This shows followers you are committed to the brand and willing to provide quality customer service.

Never leave a customer on read

Reply to all the messages you receive, even with an emoji or a simple thank you. It is crucial for users that messages are answered. In addition, social networks value that comments are responded to, as it can affect the algorithm.

A simple response can go a long way, and reinforces your appreciation for your followers and customers.

Provide answers, resources, and solutions

Users look to you to solve their issues and answer their questions quickly. It’s important to provide clear instructions on how to solve their problem, or address their question. Consider adding further resources that can help educate the user.

If you aren’t able to resolve their issue, direct them to the correct representative or ask them for more information. Chances are, users will be very appreciative of your help if you’re willing to dig into the problems a little deeper.

So, want to use Metricool’s social media inbox management tool for free?

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 28 November 2023

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