How to Repost on Instagram

04 August 2021

We’re confident that on more than one occasion, you will have seen an image on Instagram that belonged to another account. This is how a repost a story on Instagram works.

➡️️ What is a repost?
A repost on Instagram is a way of sharing an image from another user, on your own page, without the person who originally posted it losing credit.

repost on instagram

How do you Repost on Instagram

It is a simple task, but you will need help from outside of Instagram. 

You need to download the free app ‘Repost: For Instagram’ on your mobile phone or tablet.

This application is available on iOS. It is not available on Android, but there are others available that allow you to reshare on Instagram, such as Regrann.

Got it? Let’s start!

repost on instagram

1. Choose the post you’re going to ‘reshare’

To choose the post, click on the post you want and copy the link. 

You can get this from the address bar if you are using a PC, or by clicking the three dots at the top right, where you will find the post options.

2. Open the ‘Repost for Instagram’ app

The app is easy to use. When you have copied the URL and opened Repost for Instagram, the app will copy the link automatically. 

3. Edit your Repost

When the post you want to share appears, click on it to access the editing options. 

Here you can choose how and where to put the watermark of the user who originally posted it. It can be put in the top or bottom corners, or changed to black and white.

You can also copy the original text from the post and paste it to your wall when you post it.

4. Click on ‘Share’

Once you have it edited, hit ‘Share’. The application will send it to Instagram to share your repost, where you can choose to set it as your story or a post on your feed.


If you have a few accounts, just make sure that you’ve opened the account that you wanted to reshare the Instagram post to. 

5. Share your Repost

Choose if you want to share it as a story or as a post to your feed. Remember that you can add the same copy of the original post, if you have chosen to copy it on the repost app. 

Finally, click on ‘Post’ or ‘My Story’, depending on where you’re going to share it.

Another Way to Repost on Instagram

If you are not sure about using an app external to Instagram, you can share posts on your wall manually.

This is going to take you more time. You have to take a screenshot of the post you want, crop the image the way you want and upload it as a new post.

When doing this, remember to mention the original user, if you don’t want to find yourself in trouble.

Tips for Reposting on Instagram

If you have decided to reshare a post to your account, perhaps these tips can help your strategy.

️ Remember to cite the original user.

It seems obvious, but it is easy to slip your mind and is something that can end up happening even with the best intentions.

Despite the ‘Repost For Instagram’ app showing the name of the original user, you should mention them in the caption that accompanies the post. 

Remember also to speak to the creator and ask them if you can share their post on your wall. 

️ Show genuine content.

Even though you can personalize the image and the caption from the original post, it is better to share the content on your wall the same way you found it. 

Unless you want to “stain” your feed because you posted it with a filter or a dominant color, we would recommend that you leave it as close to the original as possible.

Now you know how to repost a story on Instagram and how to share content from other accounts on your profile. Remember that if you want to start your social media strategy, here is the Metricool Guide to Instagram Marketing.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 04 August 2021
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