Royalty-free music for Twitch

18 September 2020

If you have been a streamer on Twitch for years, you’ve probably  enjoyed the absolute freedom allowed by the platform to use live music.

▶️ ️ However, Twitch is now more strict and has tightened the penalties for those streamers who use copyrighted music.

In fact, many streamers had to delete past broadcasts or old clips from their channel because they could be banned or penalized if they had used copyrighted music.

What happens if you violate these rules?

✅You can receive warnings to your channel similar to YouTube, if you get three the channel will be banned.

✅Twitch can block your channel, losing all your content on the platform.

✅Remove content that has infringed the copyright of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

Our recommendation, and that of Twitch, is that you remove all clips, live streams or videos that contain copyrighted music to avoid any risk of penalty.

Now, what can you do on your channel to accompany your live streams with music?

What kind of music can you use on Twitch?

To make clear what kind of music you can and cannot use, Twitch has published this list of examples about it.

▶️ Music Owned By You

This section refers to the music that you have written, recorded or performed. In addition, it must be owned by you or have all the rights to share it on Twitch, such as recording and publishing rights.

If you have a contract with a company that owns the rights to your creations, you must ensure that you do not violate that agreement with them if you share the music on Twitch.

▶️ Music Licensed To You

If you have music content that belongs to someone else, you must ensure that the creator provides you with a license to share it.

▶️ Twitch Sings Performance

Twitch Sings is a tool that belongs to Twitch services, it is a singing gameplay that includes songs free of copyright. It is usually used by streamers for live shows or making videos with another streamer, etc.

To do it without problems, review in detail the specific terms of this tool. 

These are the three scenarios in which you can use this music. 

However, where can you find pages to download royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music on Twitch, pages to download music

Your live streamings can be accompanied with music  while you play your favorite video games and chat with your subscribers.

Here you have several pages to choose music from:

▶️ Soundcloud

Soundcloud is one of the most popular royalty-free music sites. For the streamer and also to protect the integrity of the author’s work thanks to the Creative Commons license, where the creator is cited.

You have different genres of music to choose from: from alternative rock, ambient and country,music among others.

If you register, you can create your own playlists so that you just have to press play and start your live stream with your favorite music.

▶️ YouTube Library

Even though YouTube is Twitch’s great rival in terms of streaming, using the video platform’s royalty-free music library is ideal to accompany your live shows.

It is updated almost daily, you can download the song or play it online, checking the genre and its duration. In addition, its great search engine allows you to filter by title, genre or mood.

▶️ Soundstripe

Soundstripe offers you a huge music library for your streaming and it is updated every week with new songs.

By becoming a member and registering for one of the three plans, Standard, Premium or Business, you will cover the cost of the license of each song you download.

You will find numerous new artists and new songs that fit your live streams.

With these three platforms you can create the right atmosphere for your videos and at the same, be compliant with Twitch rules with regards to copyrights. 

Have you already tried one of these platforms? We read all your comments!

If you want to know more about Twitch and succeed in this new platform, I leave you here a very complete guide:

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 18 September 2020

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