How to create subtitles for a video with these 5 tools

28 October, 2020
Table of Contents Add subtitles to your social media vídeosIn which language to generate the subtitles of your videos?Tools to edit and add subtitles to your videosInshot Wondershare FilmoraVideotoolboxOpenShot Video EditorMovavi Video Editor If you want to learn how to generate subtitles or closed captions in your videos and then upload them to your social channels, […]

If you want to learn how to generate subtitles or closed captions in your videos and then upload them to your social channels, you are in the right place.

Is it worth creating subtitles for your social media videos?

The answer is yes.


➡️ Because you will be able to reach an audience with hearing difficulties or who speak a different language than the one used for your content.

➡️ Because it will allow your viewers to better understand the message by having two channels of information: auditory and visual.

➡️ Because if your audience at the time of viewing your video cannot connect the audio, the subtitles will allow them to keep watching. 

Videos are an easy format to consume and one of the most popular types of content on certain social networks. Subtitles or closed captions let viewers watch them even when the audio is turned off.

This is why today we bring you five applications or tools to edit and add subtitles to your videos.

Add subtitles to your social media vídeos

Keep in mind that not only should you caption your videos, you should also create a positive viewer experience.

In other words, if your video is great and has enriching content, but the subtitles are too small or in an annoying color, viewers will close the video and leave your channel.

Before starting to edit your video we recommend that you:

→ Add the text of the subtitles in a visible size

A clear font, with no frills, and a size neither too big nor too small. Make it easy to read.

Choose a text color that makes it easy to read.

Select a white or yellow color, you can also put a black background to make it stand out.

Synchronize the text with the image.

Treat audio-image synchronization with care so that they are coordinated and do not spoil your content. Frame your subtitles with the perfect timing.


In which language to generate the subtitles of your videos?

The language you choose for the subtitles of your videos will depend on your audience. If you consider that you do not receive visits from people who speak English, for example, add them only in Spanish.

Another option is to upload two different videos, one with subtitles in English and the other in Spanish or the native language.

Now that we have already made a couple of recommendations, here are the tools to edit your videos.

Tools to edit and add subtitles to your videos

Actually, any video editor can help you add subtitles in the language you prefer.

For this post we will recommend five applications to generate subtitles to be able to edit them easily.


A classic amongst video editors in which to control and personalize all aspects of your content from your mobile, suitable for Android and Apple.

To add your subtitle from the app you just have to add the video, choose the fragment where you want to add it and choose the text option.

From the options you can modify the size, the color and adjust it in the video bar to synchronize it with the sound.

Advantages: It is fast and easy to use, in addition you can always carry this tool with you as an app on your mobile.

Cons: Working from a mobile phone is usually somewhat more complicated than using a mouse. 

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful editor to install on your computer, and is available for both Mac and Windows.

Wondershare perfectly meets the functionality of shaping the subtitles of your videos. You will immediately get its simple interface and create beautiful videos with its professional editor.

Advantages: all in one, you have a tool to add subtitles and a professional editor for your content

Cons: It is a paid tool (although it has a free trial option)  


If you are suspicious of external applications for your computer, Videotoolbox is your solution. An online video editor to add subtitles.

Despite having a classic interface, it is an interesting option if you don’t want to fill your computer with programs and tools. You upload your video, add the subtitle file and convert it.

Pros: without external downloads, register on their website and you can start using it.

Cons: you can only add subtitles in file, .sub, .srt, .txt or .ass, making sound image synchronization difficult.

OpenShot Video Editor

A video editing software with which to add your subtitles by selecting the font and size, and preview how it will look before saving your project.

In addition to being a great free tool to add subtitles or closed captions on your videos, it is a complete editor to personalize your content. You can use it for Microsoft, Apple or Linux.

Pros: Simple and free, it perfectly fulfills the task you are looking for: subtitling your videos.

Cons: Since it is free, you will miss some extra possibilities for subtitle editing: color, set backgrounds, etc.

Movavi Video Editor

For Windows and Mac, this software is a powerful editing tool with which to add subtitles to your videos.

It is easy to use and it allows you different options to personalize your subtitles: the size, the font, the color and the time it should be on the screen.

In addition, if you want to edit your content, it has a multitude of features to turn your videos into works of art.

Pros: It offers different options to customize your subtitles and it’s free to download from its website.

Cons: It only offers a 7-day free trial.

Now you only have to choose one of these tools you will use to generate subtitles for your social network videos.

Now it’s time to start editing your videos!

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