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Carlos Bravo
10 February, 2022

Do you use TikTok on a daily basis? Did you know that you can use TikTok online without downloading the app?

Like any other mobile application, the desktop or browser version is somewhat limited compared to its app. This post tells you what you can and cannot do on the TikTok web and the differences with the mobile app version. 

What you can do on TikTok online without downloading the app

The TikTok social platform is optimized for the user to use your application. Even so, its desktop version is quite helpful if you want to get away from the app a bit.

Now, what can you do if you want to use TikTok online without downloading the app?


On TikTok online, you have all the features to interact on the short video network. You can write comments on each TikTok video, like, follow new users, or share videos through the different options: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, link, or insert.

In addition, you have the inbox to reply to private messages you have received and see the notifications: likes, comments, mentions, and followers.

Social networks are all about interactions being part of a community. With the web version, you are not far behind.

Upload videos

With the TikTok web version, you can upload and share video content if you have the file on your PC.

You have the same sharing options available as in the application itself: write the TikTok copy, add a video file (up to 5 minutes, resolution of at least 720×1280 and a maximum of 2 GB), a video fragment as a cover, choose to be public/private or schedule it.

This option can come in handy if you have recorded many videos and want to store them on your computer. This way you don’t have to enter the app to upload the video.

Search content

The TikTok online search engine is just as useful as the one you find in the mobile application: it allows you to search for new users or videos through keywords using the magnifying glass. The search will be sorted by popularity.

That is, TikTok will show you the most popular videos that include the result of what you are looking for. If you scroll down to the middle of the page, the most important accounts will appear.

A great way to search for something specific and not get lost for hours on TikTok.

Browse the social network

If you have mastered TikTok, you know what it is like to navigate the social network. You enter, TikTok shows you videos and you discover new content in the ‘For you’ or ‘Following’ sections.

The web version works similarly. When you enter the online version of TikTok, the platforms shows you the videos in the ‘For you’ section based on your interests. If you click on ‘Following’, the TikTok users you follow will appear.

You also have the column on the left, where you can see TikTok lives, recommended accounts and trends of the social network to access them directly.

tiktok online without downloading

Now you know what you can do with the online version of TikTok and without downloading the short videos app.

So, what are the main differences with the mobile application?

Differences between TikTok web and the app

Do you want to know TikTok online in depth? Keep reading. We are about to show you the differences with its mobile version!

Record videos.

The main difference with the TikTok mobile app is the ability to record videos.

As we have mentioned, in the web version, you can upload your videos to TikTok but not record them. Therefore, you need the video you will upload already prepared and ready to share.

You can record video fragments, images, filters, etc. from the mobile app. Where everything happens. 

Add music.

Another TikTok key element is the music and sounds.

They allow you to give your videos a different and personalized touch, but they also allow you to attract interactions by adding trending music.

In the mobile version, you can edit the music on your TikTok video, find the one you like the most and succeed with your content.


In the end, TikTok as an app is optimized and ready to navigate through its mobile interface.

You can tell by the speed and ease of the user to watch videos, interact, comment and upload content, all at their fingertips. The usability of the website version, while quite good, does not reach the level of simplicity of the mobile version.

With the cards on the table, both TikTok online and the mobile app serve to fine-tune your marketing strategy on TikTok.

You just have to choose which one you want to use more and which one you feel more comfortable with, get to work on the content, and continue growing with your TikTok profile.

Carlos Bravo


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