Filters on TikTok

07 February 2022

We can all agree that we remember the first filters on social media. I’m thinking photo booth, VSCO, Snapchat… but with TikTok’s wide variety of filters on the app, it makes the predecessors look really dated.

What are those filters, anyways?

➡️ Filters on TikTok are tools to edit videos you are going to upload. They generate effects, color changes and give a different touch to your videos and publications.

There are three different ways to find filters on TikTok:

  • When you are recording your video, you can click the “Effects” button in the bottom left corner, next to the red record button. Here you can find filters anywhere from beauty, to green screens, to freckles and more.
  • The ‘Filters’ option is at the right side menu, after you have recorded your video. Theses are divided into Landscape, Food, and Vibe. There is also a management section at the end of the list.
  • The other option is to click on Effects, which is also on the right side screen right above the Filters icon. You can access these effects after you record the video.
  • The last is by choosing the

If you don’t know how to get started with these filters, don’t worry, we have prepared a small guide for you to learn how to use them.

How to add filters on TikTok

Do you already have the app open?

If not, we will give you a few minutes to download it and register for an account. Of course, you can only post videos if you have an account.

Do you already have it? Let’s see how to add a filter to your video.

  1. Open the app and tap the ‘+’ button to upload a video to TikTok.You can choose to record a video instantly or upload it from your library.
  2. Now is the time to choose the filter. To find them, you must click on the ‘Effects’ button which is to the left of the record button. Then tap on the ‘Filters’ option and choose the one you like the most.
  3. Now you can record your TikTok with the chosen filter. When you have finished, you can add another filter to the video by touching the ‘Filters’ option on the right side of the screen.

** If you like a filter, you can save it in your favorites for quick access when uploading another TikTok.

Do you already know how to use filters on TikTok? As you may know, there are some that are very popular. Which ones are the best?

The best filters on TikTok

Choosing a filter for a video on TikTok is a personal option. 

  • Sunny

A “summer” filter that will give a touch of color to your videos. It will feel like you’ve been at the beach for a couple of days. This is found in the Filters section when editing a video.

  • Green Screen.

You can find this in the Effects section. Using this filter is useful when you want to show a specific image or video in the background, and can help tell the story of your video. You can upload images directly from your camera roll.

  • Collage

Also in the Effects section, this filter allows you to upload multiple photos in one to create a collage. This can be a creative new way to create content.

  • Bold Glamour:

This filter has gained a lot of attention, for its detail and transformative results. However, it does work really well and, makes you just look good!

  • Sad Face:

This filter works to identify your face and add a filter that masks your face with teary eyes and a frown, so it looks like you are crying. This is used in a funny way, to catch someone off guard and appear that they are crying, when they actually aren’t.

How to create filters on TikTok

If you want to create filters for TikTok, you can do it from the available platform that TikTok provides.

Effect House is the tool that will allow you to create filters for your TikTok videos. It is a tool with which you can create your own filters in TikTok: you have to enter this link and follow the steps to find out how to download Effect House for Windows or Mac, depending on the system you work with.

Now you know everything you need to get started with filters on TikTok for all of your videos!

If you want to learn more:

Do you have any questions? We will read your comments. 

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 07 February 2022

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