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15 December 2021

There are two ways to create your TikTok reports: collecting data manually and throwing the computer out of the window … or with Metricool, at the click of a button!

We will teach you the trick to make your social media life easier, but first, you need a Metricool account:

How to create TikTok reports with Metricool

In the evolution section within Metricool,  you can see all TikTok analytics, but if you want to have all these metrics in a report, first you need a Metricool premium account. Go directly to the ‘Reports’ section in your Metricool control panel if you already have one.

Try any of our Metricool Premium plans for 14 days with the code ‘TIKTOKPREMIUM’

Are you logged in? Let’s continue!

▶️  ️ Choose the period for your report.

Remember that Metricool collects two months of data from the moment you connect your account by default. However, we can manually synchronize up to 12-14 months if you need more historical data. 

▶️  ️ Enable TikTok Button

You will see that all the social media platforms are selected by default. However, if you want a report exclusively for TikTok, you can toggle off the rest of the social networks. Also, choose the metric with which you want the table of the videos sorted.

▶️ ️ Add a logo to your report.

Ideal if you plan to present the report to your clients. They will feel that pinch of gratitude when they see their brand image in a professional report.

With any of Metricool’s Advanced plans, you can customize your report templates with your brand’s visual identity.

Personalize your report to add a personal touch and display the corporate image of your brand or client.

▶️  ️ PDF or PPT?

You choose the download format, PDF or PPT. We recommend PPT if you want to add comments to your presentation.

If you want to forget about downloading the document manually, you can schedule a monthly email to send to the email address you select and add a text.

An excellent option if you prefer to send it to your clients without waiting for the download.

After completing these steps, your TikTok report is ready!

tiktok reports with metricool

TikTok Report: What you will find

Metrics are crucial to know how your content strategy is working on TikTok.

Therefore, the data you will find in the TikTok report is helpful to keep the course of your strategy or give it a real twist.

What information do Metricool’s TikTok reports provide you?

Community growth: number of followers and videos.

Account: profile views and videos.

Demographics: nationality of followers in top 10 countries and gender.

Views: number of views and number of shared videos.

Interactions: total number of interactions in the selected period and in detail: likes, comments, shares, and videos.

List of videos: a complete list of the videos you have uploaded that you can order by the number of views, date, likes, comments, shares, and duration.

With this data, you will know what direction to take on your marketing strategy on TikTok. Go for it!

TikTok report customization

From Metricool, you can create your own reports to be 100% personalized. Also, you can give your reports a more personal touch, a highlight that you and your clients will love.

To do this, before downloading the report, select ‘New Template’ in the Templates section.

There you have all the tools to create yours:

  1. Choose the sections that will appear in your report: blog and social media, and ad platforms that you want to include. 
  2. Choose a logo for your report, the cover image, the background colors, and the title you want to give the report.
  3. Add a name to the template, so you can identify it quickly when you need to reuse it. 

Done! You already have your custom report template. You just have to go out and succeed with your TikTok report.

Do you want to know all the possibilities of Metricool?

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 15 December 2021

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