Twitter Image Size 2018: The Right Size for Your Pictures on Twitter

Isabel Romero

Isabel Romero

Twitter is known for its immediate communication capacity. 280 characters at your service to stand out in a timeline loaded with information. What should you do to stand out and succeed on Twitter? How could you attract your audience’s attention? The first step is to draw a plan and a social media strategy. Also, images can help you increase the number of followers.

Use photos and images on Twitter to appeal to your audience. GIFs are a good resource too.

Now that you know that using images, GIFs or photos enhance engagement on Twitter, you have no excuse for not taking advantage of their effectiveness. The next question would be: could we use any image? Yes we could, but if you want to convey expertise, professionalism and brand, it is better to use images that follow the Twitter guidelines about publication and size.

Twitter Photo Size

To clear matters up, we have created this guideline about the twitter picture size. You’ll find all the correct dimensions to create a WOW factor on your tweets, profile and header photo.

Tweets accompanied by a photo receive 89% more favorites and 18% more clicks. 35% of retweets come with a photo.

Twitter Header Photo

The recommended Twitter header image size is 1500 x 500px (although, it’s possible to use 1024 x280px). The file format GIF is not valid, you can use either JPG or PNG. Maximum file size of 5MB.


Size: 1500 x 500 pixels

Format: JPG, PNG

Quality: 5MB

Twitter Profile Picture Size

The profile photo size must be 400 x 400px and with a maximum file size of 2MB. It also accepts images at 200 x 200px but it’s better to use the optimal size. Twitter supports JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats.

Size: 400 x 400 pixels

Format: JPG, PNG or GIF

Quality: 2MB

twiter image size 2017

Twitter In-Stream Photo Size

The size that works best is 1024 x 512px. It supports JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats. Maximum file size of 5MB for photos and 3MB for animated GIFs.

Size: 1024 x 512 pixels

Format: JPG, PNG or GIF

Quality: 5MB photos. 3MB GIFs


Example of an in-stream image on Twitter

Twitter Cards Image Size

If you use Twitter Cards, the correct size would be 800 x 320px with a maximum size of 3MB. It supports JPG and PNG file formats.

Size: 800 x 320 pixels

Format: JPG, PNG

Quality: 3MB

Twitter Summary Card Image Size

In this type of publication, you must consider not only the image but also the description that summarizes the content. These lines are important to use properly. The title allows a maximum of 70 characters and the description a max of 200 characters

The image size should be 280 x150px. File size up to 1MB. JPG, PNG and GIF format files are permitted.

Size: 280 x 150 pixels

Format: JPG, PNG or GIF

Quality: 1 MB

Summary Card with large image

Some Insights About the use of Images on Twitter

Besides using the Twitter image dimensions correctly, with the appropriate quality and resolution, consider these tips to increase engagement using images.

Take Advantage of your Photos to Increase the 140-Character Limit.

It sometimes seems that 140 characters are not enough to represent your content so, take advantage of the visual impact of your photos and their captions to increase the character count. Remember that the caption shouldn’t be a repetition of the tweet. By doing this, you will be able to communicate in a lengthier and more effective way. In the following graphic, we show how an image can increase the content and attract more attention.


QR Codes to Guide your Followers to a Specific Web or Landing Page

Twitter, apart from being a platform to help your brand have presence and interact in real time with users, also allows more traffic to reach your website. Use your header photo with a QR code to guide your followers to your site or specific landing page.

using QR code in a twitter image

Use QR codes, coordinates or similar, to provoke curiosity and guide users to your site

Combine Images with Stats to Draw Attention

The use of images with surveys, stats or graphics is also an effective way to advance your content, to capture attention or to entice a click.

Image with Stats: Social Media Examiner World

So, images are also effective on Twitter. Consider the ideal Twitter image size for your photos and our tips and benefit from them.

We hope that you found this Twitter image size guide useful. We will keep you posted with any updates as things change fast!

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