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Anniston Ward
17 November, 2022

We have all experienced some sort of ghosting; from an ex, a friend or in this case, a social network. However, no need to panic. I will explain common reasons that result in a shadowban and how you can check to see if your account has been shadowbanned. 

Even though we will talk about a Twitter shadowban today, it seems that it is a common topic among other networks such as TikTok and Instagram.

What is a shadowban on Twitter?

Before I get into how to recognize the shadowban, let me explain the practice of the shadowban. 

Shadowbanning, also known as ghost banning, is the method that social media platforms use to hide users’ tweets, retweets and replies from feed, search bar and any other form. Specifically, it is Twitter’s AI technology taking cautionary actions to prevent spamming and violations of Twitter’s policies. 

Even if a user is shadowbanned, most times they don’t know, because they can still interact with the network like normal, receiving no notifications that they are being penalized. So, it can be difficult to detect if you have been shadowbanned, but more on that later. First, I will talk about common reasons that lead to a shadowban on Twitter and how you can avoid this limitation. 

Does Twitter actually shadowban?

There has been controversy whether Twitter actually shadowbans users or not. In a blog post from Twitter, they stated that they do not shadowban. However, shortly after that they came out with a new approach to handling “troll-like” behavior, saying they use 

“Policies, human review processes, and machine learning to help us determine how Tweets are organized and presented in communal places like conversations and searches.” 

So, with that said, it’s hard to know if Twitter is actively attacking these accounts or if it’s a machine-automated process. However, it has been confirmed that if an ac

Am I shadowbanned on Twitter?

To help prevent being shadowbanned on the network, you can follow the practices mentioned below. These may not be the entirety of avoiding a Twitter shadowban, however they will most likely keep you in the clear. 

Common reasons for a Twitter shadowban

  • Haven’t confirmed your email address 
  • No profile picture is added to your account 
  • Spamming accounts too regularly 
  • Content is too frequently promotional 
  • Don’t follow Twitter’s terms of service agreement, that you signed upon joining 
  • Posts contain conversations about illegal activities or topics 
  • Using automated services to leave comments 
  • Using the same replies or images when replying to multiple pages 

If you have checked these reasons and still are unsure if the shadowban remains on your account, you can check to see if your account is shadowbanned. 

Since Twitter doesn’t send you a notification or indication that your profile has been shadowbanned in the first place, you won’t hear from Twitter directly if they have lifted restrictions. However, there is an easy way you can search Twitter, to see if your content appears. 

How to see if you’ve been shadowbanned on Twitter

  • First, either log out of Twitter or open a private tab in your web browser (called an incognito window)
  • Go to
  • Search for the exact username you want to examine 
  • Find out if your replies to other peoples’ tweets are visible to non-followers 
    • You can also leave a comment on a public tweet and then log out, or use a private window to see if your reply is visible

Types of Twitter Shadowbans

Thread Ban 

A thread ban blocks users from seeing your replies to tweets. 

Search Suggestion Ban 

With a search suggestion ban, users will not be able to see your profile in search results. 

Search Ban

In a search ban, your tweets will be hidden from the search results, even if using exact search words. 

Reply Barrier Ban

This happens if Twitter believes the user has been engaging in harmful behavior. Therefore, this ban will hide your replies and will only load them when clicking on “Show More Replies.” 

If a Twitter shadowban has occurred, lifting it does not take long. If you have adapted your account to follow Twitter’s policies, staying inactive on the app for a few days is advised. 

However, if you feel you were wrongly penalized, or your shadowban hasn’t been removed after editing your account, you can send a report to Twitter’s Support Team.

Shadowbanning may seem like a nightmare that no one wants to happen, but the reality is that if you follow the guidelines and good practices on the network, it is unlikely that a Twitter shadowban will be added to your account. 

New to Twitter and not sure how to navigate the network as a professional? Follow this guide and excel on the network of tweets. 

Anniston Ward


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