How to verify your Instagram account

Laura Montells
15 June, 2020

Verify an Instagram account. What for?

Does this situation sound familiar to you? You go to Instagram, look into the timeline of the social network and see that some accounts have a striking blue badge next to their names.

What is this about?

How can I add this to my account?

Is it possible to verify your Instagram account without a huge struggle?

Instagram places this badge on accounts that are vulnerable to  impersonation, mistaken for fake accounts, or have relevance.  In these cases Instagram marks the accounts with the blue check for public figures, celebrities or well-known brands, but there are other types of accounts that have this badge.

All you have to do is follow the verification steps and have your documentation ready.  This doesn’t mean that by simply filling out the application you will get the badge necessarily, Instagram will make the final decision.

 What is a verified badge on Instagram?

The blue verification badge serves to confirm the authenticity  for accounts of public interest. If a profile has it, it means that it’s legit.

You may be wondering if your profile falls into this category and whether or not you can access the “verify account on Instagram” option. They are allocated for:

  • The music industry
  • The world of fashion
  • Those engaged in politics
  • Journalists
  • Actors
  • Athletes
  • Account holders with profiles of interest

You will recognize this certification when you see the symbol Insignia verificada It appears right next to the profile name of the verified account. I’ll bet it looks familiar to you!

verificar tu cuenta de instagram

Perfil de Instagram con insignia verificada.

How to verify your Instagram account? 

There are ways to verify your account and show that you are ‘authentic’. Among them, are such factors that Instagram takes into account when choosing which profiles have the “right” to receive the blue check:

  • How many followers do you have
  • How you use this social network
  • How you fill out the account verification form
  • If there are accounts that are trying to impersonate your profile or image
  • If you have a Verified Company page on Facebook linked to your Instagram account

Once these factors have been determined, the time has come to take the final step to verify your Instagram account. Which by the way, can also help you with your strategy for Marketing on Instagram.


Simple steps, but take care, for a misstep could lead to problems.


Steps to get verification

Step 1: Connect from the mobile application and within your profile click on the three lines in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Enter configuration and select the account section.

Here you will find the option “request verification”.

Step 3: Fill the requested fields.

[username, fullname, what you are known as and finally select the category of your account. Attach your identity document

verificar cuenta de Instagram

Step 4: Attach your identity documentation.

➡️ For personal: National ID, driving license or passport.

➡️ For business: Tax declaration, utility bill or company statutes.

Once you complete the verification, you will have to wait for Instagram to verify your data and let you know whether or not it will grant you the blue badge.

Just because you follow all of the steps does not guarantee that you are going to achieve the verification since it depends  on the criteria of Instagram itself.

If you feel I’ve left something out or you have any doubts, I’ll await your comments to see if we can help further! 😉

Laura Montells


  1. Rahul Yadav

    Thank you for sharing such a useful information. I hope it results in something beneficial for my Instagram account.

  2. Rohit Singh

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I am expecting to recover my Instagram account.

  3. Paula de Alba

    ¿Se puede conseguir la verificación en una cuenta de un centro educativo público?

    • Carlos Bravo

      Hola Paula.

      Si cumples los requisitos e Instagram considera que te lo puede otorgar, cualquier perfil puede conseguirlo.


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