How to verify your Instagram account

21 February 2023

How can you verify your Instagram account? Is it possible to receive the Instagram verification badge and not die trying?

Now, you can request verification on Instagram. Keep reading to learn two different ways to get the blue check mark added to your account.

Verify Instagram account via subscription

By paying for a subscription, you can verify your Instagram account. Just like Twitter, with its Twitter Blue program.

On Instagram, your name will be Meta Verified and in addition to buying your verification badge you will also have access to other privileges including: personalized customer service and priority in comments.

The price is $11.99 per month in the web version and $14.99 in iOS, although the latter may vary by country.

At the moment you can already apply and checkout within Instagram, in Australia and New Zealand.

How to verify my Instagram account

Until the verification payment option reaches all countries and devices, the original verification process is still available. That is, there is still a way to get verified on Instagram and prove that your account is “authentic”.

Although, for this there are some requirements you must meet first. However, if you meet these, you can take the final step to verify your Instagram account, which can help you excel in your Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Steps to get verification

Step 1: Connect from the mobile application and within your profile click on the three lines in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Enter configuration and select the account section.

Here you will find the option “request verification”.

Step 3: Fill the requested fields.

[username, fullname, what you are known as and finally select the category of your account. Attach your identity document

Step 4: Attach your identity documentation.

➡️ For personal: National ID, driving license or passport.

➡️ For business: Tax declaration, utility bill or company statutes.

Once you complete the verification, you will have to wait for Instagram to verify your data and let you know whether or not it will grant you the blue badge.

Requirements to verify Instagram account

Just because you follow all the steps does not mean that you will automatically receive the blue check, as it will also depend on criteria set by the social network:

The first requirement to have your account verified on Instagram is to comply with the rules and requirements of the social network. This is a must so that you do not lose access to your content. If you violate any terms, you may suffer a shadowban on Instagram.

Before applying to receive the badge, you must meet these requirements:

  • The instagram account has to represent a real person, registered company, or entity.
  • For the account you are requesting verification, whether a person or business, it must be the only one with presence on the platform.
  • One verification is awarded per account, unless you have other language versions of the same one.
  • The account must be public and have a complete profile: presentation, a profile picture, and have at least one post published.
  • Finally, the account must be highly searched on the network.

What does the Instagram badge mean?

The blue verification badge serves to confirm the authenticity of public interest accounts. If a profile has it, it means that this account is truthful and authentic to the owner.

However, it doesn’t mean that Instagram shows the content of this account more than others, that it supports its content, or the opinions of its content. It simply helps the profile to prove that it’s a genuine account.

You may be wondering if your profile falls into this category, and if you can access the “Verify Instagram Account” option. Instagram considers accounts of public interest, those users who:

  • Are dedicated to the field of music
  • Are related to the fashion world
  • Engaged in politics
  • Journalists
  • Actors
  • Athletes
  • Account holders with key interest profiles

You’ll recognize this certification when you see the Verified Badge mark

Insignia verificada

This symbol appears right next to the profile name of the verified account. I’m sure it looks familiar.

If you have any doubts or questions, let us know in the comments!

Laura Montells Laura Montells , 21 February 2023
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