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Isabel Romero
27 May, 2020

Nowadays, the multiple possibilities that videos offer can be the Holy Grail for social media channels. However, do you have problems to edit them?

WeVideo is an online video editor that will help you get the most out of your ideas that you otherwise wouldn’t know how to materialize in a multimedia format.

Tutorial videos on Instagram is the most popular content on this social media platform, according to a Wibbitz study.

Why don’t we benefit from this situation and learn about editing videos?

If you keep reading you will learn how to start editing videos with WeVideo.

What WeVideo is

WeVideo is a video editor for any type of user. You don’t need to download an app, simply create an account, with Facebook or your email address and you are ready to go. 

However, if you prefer you can download the app for iOS and Android.

In a matter of a few minutes you will be registered and have access to the video editing dashboard.

What can WeVideo do for your new videos?

Increase the presence of your brand

WeVideo will be your main ally for your marketing campaigns: create videos with your clothing brand, cooking tutorials with one of your products, etc. 

Ideas that couldn’t become a reality without WeVideo’s help.

Generate interactions

As you probably have seen, posts that include a video generate more interactions than the ones with a photo.

Videos attract users’ interest and obtain more likes, saves or comments. You can do this with your creativity and the right tool, WeVideo.

Now that you know why you should go for videos, which benefits does WeVideo bring?

WeVideo, why should you use it?

If you already know some other video editing tools, what can WeVideo offer you to entice you to begin using it?

There are four main characteristics that you will love about this tool.

  1. Its simplicity.

Easy to sign up with your email address or your Facebook or Google account . In a few minutes you will be ready to start editing your first video.

On your dashboard, there is an intuitive toolbar where you can add text, have access to your own content library, add audio and transitions.

At the bottom of the screen, you can edit and cut your video and audio as you want, let’s say it’s like your own production studio.

  1. The possibility to share your creations

As soon as you enter the WeVideo platform, you will be asked to choose between a square format, horizontal or vertical so it’s ready to share on social media. 

It will save you a headache from having to choose the sizes you need to upload your content. All your content will be ready to share in the right format. 

The platform will tell you which format is best for the main social channels: YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

  1. Wherever and whenever you want

It doesn’t really matter where you are, from your browser and with any operating system you can start editing your videos: either with a Mac, Windows or Chromebook. 

Do you prefer to do it with your mobile device? Even better, WeVideo is available on Android and iOS so you don’t miss a minute when inspiration comes.

Besides, you can use “the cloud” where you can store your files with no limits and without the need to download any external software. This way is easier to take everything with you, isn’t it?

  1. A stock media for you

If you are lacking ideas to start creating your content, don’t worry, WeVideo has you covered. You can find an extensive library with multimedia files on WeVideo: videos, images and music for whenever you need them.

If your concern is violation of copyrights, their ‘stock’ has licenses, you can use them with no copyright issues and you can use it for your commercial plans.

Do you have any question related to these advantages? Let’s check which WeVideo plan can best suit your needs

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WeVideo: plans and offers

There are different plans and prices available on WeVideo, there is a free option up to the most costly plan ‘Business’.

What’s the difference between these plans?

  • Price

Prices go from free to $29,99/month.

Plus, amongst these plans you can find: Power Plan for $4.99/mo, Unlimited for $7.99/mo and Professional for $17.99/mo. 

All these prices are available if you are billed annually. If you prefer to be billed monthly, bear in mind that the prices will be higher.

  • Editing time duration

Depending on the plan you choose, you will have a specific duration of time every month for editing your videos. 

With the first two months, Free and Power, your will have 5 and 30 minutes a month respectively. With the other plans there is no limit.

So we recommend that you calculate the time you will need beforehand to avoid paying more for something that you are not going to use for example. Although there are other features that you should keep in mind when you decide which plan you need. 

  • Cloud storage capacity.

Where can you store and easily access your content? You can use WeVideo cloud. 

Again, the Free and Power plan have a limit of 1GB and 20GB respectively. For the rest of the plans, the storage is unlimited.

  • Maximum video resolution

One of the keys for success is that your video has a high quality. A video with 420P can be an unpleasant experience for users, but this is what you will get with a free plan.

With a Power plan you will reach 720P. With the rest of plans your videos will have the maximum quality: 4K Ultra HD.

  • Free to use content

As we mentioned earlier, WeVideo puts at your disposal an extensive library with images, videos and audios to help you with editing your videos. However, there are some limitations depending on the plan.

For example, only for the Professional and Business plan can you access the media stock. So, think carefully about the plan that will suit your needs best and if you will need this media resource. 

  • Teamwork

Do you need to work with a team? Again, depending on the plan you choose you will have up to 3 different accounts to work with a team, this is only available for business plans. With the rest of the plans you can only have one account.

Plus, with the Business plan, you can add accounts if your team is growing by paying $20 a year per account.

Other options depending on the plans are: the possibility to download videos to your computer, add your own template, etc. You can check all the features on WeVideo official website:

Start using WeVideo to edit your videos and create quality visual content for your social profiles. Which plan will you choose?

Isabel Romero


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