What is CTR?

19 March 2019

CTR or click-through rate is the number of clicks that a link or URL gets divided by the number of impressions obtained. In contrast to other advertising models and ratios, is always calculated in percentage. 

CTR’s main objective is to assess the impact of a digital ad campaign or check the result of an SEO strategy. 

What CTR is used for

Once you learn about the different paid advertising models on the Internet, CPC, CPM, CPL or CPA will be part of your vocabulary.

Then, it’s time to go deeper. Is it possible to measure the success of a pay-per-click campaign with more detail? Certainly, it is.

Here it is where CTR comes into play. Click-through rate is used to evaluate the effectiveness and success of an online ad campaign. 

A pay-per-click ad campaign is a guaranteed source of traffic to our website. In addition, if we can convert those visitors into customers, the outcome will be even better.  

How is CTR calculated?

As we explained at the beginning of this article, the main aspect that makes CTR different from other ratios is that the result is expressed in percentages. 

CTR is the ratio between the number of clicks on a URL or promoted link and the number of views by users (that is, impressions) multiplied by 100. 

Let’s see it in a visual example: A link has been viewed 3,000 times in a Google ad.

Also, it has been clicked 40 times. How do we calculate it? 

→ CTR = (Number of Clicks / Number of impressions) x 100

→ (40 / 3,000) x 100 =

→ 1.3 %

✅ In this case, our CTR is 1.3% 

CTR has become one of the most important factors that affect SEO rankings. 

Do you have any more question? Let us know in the comment section and we will answer you as soon as we can. 👇🏻

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 19 March 2019

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