YouTube Announces New Shorts Features

Is every social media platform trying to be like TikTok? Short-form video content is taking over every social network! Instagram and Facebook have Reels, YouTube has Shorts, and Snapchat has Spotlight.

Both content creators and long-time YouTubers have accepted Shorts with open arms, and there are already more than 1.5 billion monthly users.

YouTube has announced new features to Shorts that are very similar to TikTok. The original video social network is trying to compete with TikTok.

YouTube Shorts New Features

From the new features that they have incorporated, there is one that will have you going crazy, for both its usefulness and innovation. That is, transforming normal YouTube videos into Shorts. Keep in mind that main videos on the platform are in horizontal format, while Shorts are mostly in vertical, just like on TikTok (or Reels).

This meant that content creators would have to record a video horizontally, and then use an external tool to edit it and change it to a vertical format. However, from now on, you will be able to do this directly within the app using editing tools such as image cropping, zooms, and the option to resize.

Other features to call to attention is the “Collab”, which you’ve probably already heard from other social networks, like Instagram. However, in this case it’s more similar to the the “Duet” option on TikTok. With “Collab” you have the option to record a Short sharing the screen of another video, to record a reaction, or repeat a challenge you have seen.

Collab options for Shorts

Also, with the goal of boosting interactions in Shorts, Google has been working to add new sticker that will appear during the video playback. Among them, there is a question sticker, which as we know is very common on Instagram Stories, as well as the option to respond with another Short. Lastly, the icing on the cake that Google has kept to themselves, is the option to Live broadcast in the Shorts format, where viewers can interact with a chat and reactions.

You thought we were done? Shorts is also launching a new Q&A sticker option for videos. Users will be able to add questions for their followers to answer. And yes, Instagram and TikTok also have this feature.

The Q&A button can be found at the bottom

Last but not least, YouTube has added new shortcuts to make the user experience more simple. On Shorts, you can now click on the sounds or effects that you’ve seen in another creator’s video and use it as a template!

I think we all see a trend here… YouTube is creating new and improved features to keep up with other short-form video networks. All in all, we believe that this is a good thing for creators. It’s another way to engage with your audience and build a larger following.

We will have to see how these features appear on YouTube and how content creators will take it. What is clear is that there is no doubt that YouTube is going after TikTok with Shorts, but are they on the right track?

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Robert Catoir Robert Catoir , 03 August 2023


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