Ads Manager vs. Meta Business Suite

16 August 2023

Facebook Ad Business and Meta Business Suite can both help attract new people to your pages and can the interaction between you and your audience. They both can work alongside each other but it is important to note that they are both different tools with different features. 

These two accounts often get confused with one another, but they both help with very different purposes on both Facebook and Instagram Business pages. Let’s take a look at each individually to determine what these accounts do and how they are different. 

What Is Facebook Ads Manager? 

Ads Manager is more of a starting point for running ads on your Facebook, Instagram, and or Messenger. This tool strictly specializes in advertisements and that is it. This tool helps easily organize 

Ads Manager also has an app for both IOS and Android users which helps everyone see their analytics from their campaigns no matter where they are! 

Ads Manager Key Features: 

  • Create brand-new ads 
  • Choose your audience 
  • Create your ad budget
  • Run ads across multiple apps
  • Adjust Campaigns
  • Dynamic Creative- combine images, text, and videos in ideal ways for your audience
  • Create A/B tests
  • See real-time insights 

What is Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is more of a “One stop shop.” This is a centralized page to manage all of your marketing activities while also being able to quickly interact with your followers on all apps. 

You can also use Meta Business Suite as a third-party social media platform where you can schedule posts, stories, or ads which works great for saving time. 

Meta Business Suite Key Features: 

  • Post across Facebook and Instagram
  • Manage your Inbox.
  • Create ads.
  • Track insights and trends
  • See all activity at a glance.
  • Access helpful tools.

After diving deep into the key features of both Facebook Ad Manager and Meta Business Suite, we know that there are some very key differences. But the biggest and most basic takeaway is that Facebook Ads Manager specializes in a single purpose while Business Suite specializes in a variety of marketing tools. 

To learn more about Facebook Ads be sure to read our complete guide to advertising on Facebook by clicking the button below:

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