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Sara Martín

Sara Martín,

Are you a Google AdWords pro or still an amateur?

Whether you are an expert in AdWords or you’ve just started, metrics are crucial.

You might have already dealt with the AdWords interface and created reports for your clients yourself.

Does it sound familiar?

You don’t need to make things harder on yourself anymore, Metricool gathers all the metrics of your campaigns on AdWords in one place and generates reports with their performance in only one click.

At Metricool, we make analytics easier for all types of users. This is how the new feature to obtain AdWords metrics was conceived.



‘AdWords metrics’ with Metricool


 Why should you use Metricool to analyze AdWords?

There are several reasons why you should use Metricool for your AdWords metrics, but the main one is how easy you will obtain these metrics. Other benefits that you will get as soon as you start using this tool are:

Having all the information together

It will allow you to see all the metrics at a glance, very convenient. You will finally get that extra time to design your campaigns.

Generating reports

When it comes to presenting results to your client you will simply have to press a button and you will get a report with your logo. It will save you a lot of time.

Comparing your campaigns

With one chart, you can check the performance of your ads independently and you can group them by any metric by simply choosing the metric in the drop-down menu.


All advantages

What are you going to do with all the extra time you are getting?


Google AdWords metrics analysis with Metricool

In the main menu, the first thing you will have to choose is the period of time that you’d like to analyze.

You can group the metrics of your campaigns by days, months, weeks and you can even select the exact period of time that you are interested in.


The first graph shows the reach of your campaigns in the period selected. You will see:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • The amount invested


Besides the amount invested, you can have a look to the number of clicks received and the conversions.


Here you can monitor the performance of the investment in your AdWords campaigns. You will find the following metrics:

  • CPM: Cost per thousand impressions
  • CPC: Cost per click
  • CTR (average click-through rate): Clicks/impressions. With this ratio you will know the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How to connect your Google AdWords account to Metricool

Tap AdWords in the menu located on the left side of your screen. Just like you see in the image.

Once you click “connect”, all your google accounts will be displayed. Click the ones you’d like to connect.

Then, it will ask you to allow Metricool to have access to your google account, once you accept it, this new feature will be activated.

You have to choose the account you wish to connect



With a premium account, you can connect several AdWords accounts from different clients. To do so, you must cross reference each account with the corresponding Google AdWords account.

This is the most efficient way and the one we recommend to obtain the best performance of your campaigns.


Which metrics will your find?

At the end, you will find a chart with all the metrics detailed by every Google AdWords campaign. You can organize the information by the metric you want by simply clicking on them.

How to generate AdWords reports

When you prepare a social networks reports for your clients, you normally include metrics such as engagement, user’s growth and objectives.

What do you think about also including the performance of your AdWords campaigns?

Now you can!

You can now show your clients how your ads are working and the benefits from it.

It’s very useful to have all the metrics in one report and Metricool makes it so easy. With only one click, you will obtain all the relevant data of your Google AdWords campaigns.


You can customize your report with your own logo and create it automatically in PDF or PPT

We hope you enjoy this new feature and get the most of it. If you have any doubt, leave us a comment!

















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Copyright © 2019 Metricool. All rights reserved. - Términos Legales

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