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10 April 2024

In today’s digital landscape, offering personalized and branded analytics solutions can significantly enhance your brand’s value proposition to clients. Metricool’s White Label service empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate Metricool’s comprehensive analytics and social media management tools into their own platforms. This service is tailored for Enterprise or custom plan subscribers and can be further enhanced with Metricool’s API for optimal integration. Learn more about Metricool’s white-label integration for your business below.

What is Metricool White Label?

Metricool’s white label service allows you to integrate Metricool’s features directly into your own website or platform. This option is available for Enterprise or custom plan customers, and can be further enhanced through Metricool’s API for better integration. 

As the administrator, you can assign one or more profiles or brands to your end clients based on their needs, either manually or through the API. This ensures a secure access experience, as each client will only have access to their own data and social media accounts. 

The white label service also offers personalization and branding options. You can modify or remove Metricool’s logo and add your own branding to the screens, increasing the visibility of your company.

How to integrate Metricool white label with your company

Metricool’s white label solution provides your clients a seamless and branded analytics experience directly within your own platform. Each of your clients will have their own branded access point, with a direct link that provides them immediate access to their Metricool data and social media accounts, without the need for authentication. 

As the integrator, you’ll have centralized management of all your clients’ branded Metricool accounts, allowing you to provide first-level support and address any questions or issues. Metricool’s integration also offers an API with token-based authentication, giving you the flexibility to customize the experience and seamlessly incorporate their analytics and social media management tools into your existing services.

▶️ https://app.metricool.com/resources/apidocs/index.html

White Label integration via iFrame 

This is the quickest and easiest way to integrate the white label on your site. You can generate an iFrame for each final client to show Metricool’s graphic interface within your system.

The iFrame src attribute must be https://app.mertricool.com/autoin/XXXXXX, where XXXX is the white label token that belongs to each client. When you add a brand using Metricool’s API, the token to set in the iframe corresponds with the whiteLabelToken property of the API response (in JSON format).

White label direct link 

This link will open a new window in the browser with the user’s data on Metricool. While this option doesn’t help to strengthen your brand since it won’t be embedded on your website, it is still a way to integrate your platform with Metricool.

White label via Metricool’s API calls 

This option is available for both Enterprise and Team plans. Since the integration process is done through the API, it won’t offer all of Metricool’s features as the other two types of integration. However, it allows you to fully merge your platform with Metricool’s.

Custom white label integrator with Metricool

Metricool’s white label solution offers a range of customization options to ensure the platform aligns with your brand identity and requirements. Here are the key areas that can be adapted for each white label integrator:

Branding and appearance

  • Integrator’s Logo: You can replace Metricool’s logo with your own, reinforcing your brand’s presence.
  • Metricool Main Menu: You can choose to hide the full menu, hide certain options, or show the full menu.
  • Metricool Footer: You can opt to hide or show the Metricool footer.
  • Metricool Chat: You can choose to hide or show the Metricool chat feature.
  • CSS Customization: You can make basic customizations to colors and fonts to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Communication and notifications

  • Email Notifications: You can enable email notifications to Metricool’s customers, using an email address designated for each customer.

Technical integration

  • Own Domain Configuration: You can configure your own domain for the white label integration.
  • Own Email Server: You can set up your own email server to be used for the white label integration.

The Benefits of Metricool White Label

Metricool white label gives you all the benefits of Metricool’s data and analytics platform with your own branding and administration. These benefits include: 

Branding & customization

  • Replace Metricool’s logo with your own, reinforcing your brand identity.
  • Customize the appearance by adjusting colors, fonts, and hiding/showing certain Metricool UI elements like the main menu, footer, and chat. 

Seamless integration

  • Integrate Metricool’s analytics and social media management tools into your own platform through iFrame integration or direct links. This allows you to offer a branded, end-to-end solution to your clients. 

Enhanced client experience

  • Clients can access their social media analytics and management tools directly within your platform, for a cohesive and streamlined experience. 
  • Enable email notifications to your clients using designated email addresses, improving communication. 

Expanded capabilities

  • Offer advanced features like social media analytics, scheduling, competitor analysis, and AI-powered content generation to your clients. 
  • Enterprise plan subscribers can manage up to 50 brands and schedule up to 10,000 posts per month. 

Maintain control:

  • Retain control over the accounts and profiles managed within your platform, ensuring you remain the central point of contact for your clients.
  • Assign roles and approve social media posts for improved workflow.  

▶️ More about the content approval system with Metricool

Metricool White Label Case Studies

Not sure if Metricool white label is right for your company? Here are some success stories from real Metricool white label clients.


Inmovilla, a leading provider of cloud-based real estate CRM solutions, has seamlessly integrated Metricool’s white label capabilities into their platform. This strategic partnership allows Inmovilla to expand their suite of offerings and provide their customers with a comprehensive solution for managing their social media presence.

Inmovilla’s system already allows real estate professionals to streamline various aspects of their business, such as automating email communications and managing their office operations. With the integration of Metricool’s white label, Inmovilla’s clients can now also access advanced social media management tools directly within the Inmovilla platform.

By leveraging Metricool’s white label solution, Inmovilla can now offer their clients the ability to manage their social media profiles, schedules, and analytics all in one place. This integration enhances the value proposition for Inmovilla’s customers, allowing them to consolidate their real estate business operations and social media management under a single, branded platform.


Clientify, a company that aims to bring Inbound Marketing tools to small and medium-sized businesses, has successfully integrated Metricool’s social media management platform into their offering.

The integration with Metricool allows Clientify’s clients to easily manage their social media presence and analytics directly within the Clientify platform. This provides Clientify’s customers with access to enterprise-level social media tools, but at a budget-friendly price point.


Mobilia, a CRM platform for the real estate industry, has successfully integrated Metricool’s social media management capabilities into its offering. This integration was driven by Mobilia’s goal of providing its clients with a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of their business, including social media.

The integration process was described as fast and easy, with Metricool’s functionality seamlessly blending into the Mobilia interface. This has resulted in high levels of satisfaction among Mobilia’s users, both those who were already familiar with Metricool and those who are now discovering the tool through the integration.


Nubapp, a software solution for managing sports centers, gyms, and CrossFit boxes, has integrated Metricool’s social media management capabilities into its platform. The goal behind this integration was to provide Nubapp’s clients with a comprehensive tool to manage all aspects of their sports business, including their social media presence.

The combination of Nubapp’s cloud-based management tools and Metricool’s social media features has created a powerful and efficient system for sports centers to streamline their business operations and marketing efforts.

Gretchen Oestreicher Gretchen Oestreicher , 10 April 2024


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