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20 May 2020

With Metricool you can manage and analyze the performance of your social networks, online advertising platforms and website. Plus, Metricool provides multiple features to help you tackle your digital strategy… With this article, I will tell you everything about Metricool’s white label.

Metricool’s white label: What it is and how to integrate it 

With Metricool’s white label, you can provide Metricool’s panel so your customers can manage their own social media profiles from your system or website. 

In other words, through the white label service you can integrate Metricool’s features within your own website or tool.

This option is only available for Enterprise or custom plans, that can be complemented with our API for better integration. 

You will be the administrator of the account and you will assign one or several profiles or brands to your final clients depending on their needs. Manually or through the API.

Security Access:

▶️ Each final customer will have a brand assigned within the integrator’s Metricool account. 

▶️ The final client will only have access to their own data and associated accounts. Neither will they be able to access the administrator’s area nor the data related to other customers.

▶️ The integrator will have access to all the different brands relative to their clients in order to offer support or to provide additional services to manage social media and advertising platforms. 

Personalization and branding

▶️ Modify or delete Metricool’s logo from the screens and add your own access to social media to increase branding.

How to integrate Metricool’s white label with your company

Each final client will have a brand with Metricool. This client will use a link that doesn’t require authentication with user and password and only give access to their own data and social media accounts. It will ease the process to access their Metricool data from your platform. 

Your integrator account can access all the brands to provide first-level support, with questions and issues that the clients might have.

Metricool’s integration offers an API to manage your brands with a Token based authentication.  

▶️ https://app.metricool.com/resources/apidocs/index.html

There are three different ways to integrate Metricool with your company through the white label feature: 

  1. Integration via iFrame

It’s the quickest and easiest way to integrate the white label on your site. This is the one that we recommend that you use to avoid technical complications and do it faster. The integrator will generate an iFrame for each final client to show Metricool’s graphic interface within their system.

The iframe src attribute must be https://app.mertricool.com/autoin/XXXXXX, optionally, you can include a parameter (called email) to set the email address of your client.

XXXX is the white label token that belongs to each client. When the integrator adds a brand using Metricool’s API,  the token to set in the iframe corresponds with the whiteLabelToken property of the API response (in JSON format).

  1. With a link to your website

This link will open a new window in the browser with the user’s data on Metricool.

This is a different way of integrating your platform with Metricool. However, this option doesn’t help to strengthen your brand since it won’t be embedded on your website.

  1. Via Metricool’s API calls

This option is available for both Enterprise and Team plans. Since the integration process is done through the API, it won’t offer all of Metricool’s features as the other two types of integration that we have just mentioned.

This helps you totally merge with your platform, since you will do the visual and functional design, differently from that of Metricool. The downside is that the process is slower and takes more effort than the other two previous options. 

Custom integrator

There are several things that can be adapted to each white-label integrator. These options can be set up on each integration:

  • Integrator’s logo. This is available in the account settings
  • Metricool main menu (Hide full / Hide options / Show full )
  • Metricool’s footer (Hide/Show)
  • Metricool’s chat (Hide/Show)
  • Basic CSS customization
  • Set some colors and fonts (Optional)
  • Notifications through email to Metricool’s customers (optional) 
  • Setting up an email address to each customer. It will be used as the email destination from Metricool
  • Own domain configuration
  • Own e-mail server

There is no problem if you don’t configure these options

Advantages of white label

Create added value for customers since they will be able to manage their own social network profiles, that is, they will have Metricool’s panels with their branding.

✅ You can offer your customers access to Metricool as a new feature without the need for technical development.

With Metricool’s white label, clients will spend more time on your platform. 

You get your money’s worth. The price of white label is low in contrast with the added value you will receive. 

✅ The integration process is fast, easy and with no extra cost.

✅ Ensure customer loyalty by offering them added value.

Some examples of white label integrations

The first example is Inmovilla, a real estate software company.

They have a cloud real estate CRM system that allows customers to send emails automatically, manage their office, etc. Now they can also offer their clients the management of social profiles through their platform.

Success stories of integrations

All that remains is the opinion of companies that have already integrated Metricool as a white label.


Clientify is an Inbound marketing tool that offers businesses with tight budgets all the features to do Inbound Marketing and turn content creation efforts into sales.


Inmovilla is a real estate CRM that helps more than 3600 real estate agencies make their day-to-day lives easier

It is considered the Ferrari of Real Estate CRMs as it is a tailored solution made for real estate agencies that want to grow without losing quality.


Mobilia is a CRM platform for the real estate sector that allows any real estate consultant to manage all the activity of his agency in a simple way. Many applications and services to make the daily life of a real estate manager easier.


If you need a software for the management of your sports center you have come to the right place: Nubapp.

With two distinct products, Resawod, for crossfit box management and Resasports, for clubs and sports centers; Nubapp offers everything you need to have everything under control.

This is everything about our white label service, if you have any further questions, please let us know in the comments section.

If you want to know what else you can do with Metricool you have a very complete guide that will bring you up to date with all our features.

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 20 May 2020


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