Autolists: Advantages, examples and use

Sara Martín
16 April, 2019

If you want to save time on your social media publications, autolists will be the solution.

🤷 Autolist?

🤷 What is it?

Keep reading to learn about your best ally to plan and schedule your social media accounts.

What autolists are 

They are groups of publications that will be shared on social media. These publications can be programmed periodically so you can focus on other things.

If you want to learn more about how an autolist works, you can check this post about how to use autolists with Metricool.

As a general rule, autolists should be used for evergreen content, that is, a content that never gets obsolete so you can share it at any time. You can also share content that is freshly baked by using RSS feed.

Advantages of using autolists 

Autolists come very handy to program content on any social media platform and keep them active. Next, a summary of all the advantages that will make autolists an indispensable part of your life.

✅ Manage your social media successfully

Your content will be automatically published the days and times that you decide. You won’t need to spend time in manually uploading publications on your social media accounts to keep them active. Autolists will do it for you.

✅ Save time to use it on other tasks or get more time for yourself.

Once you upload all your content in an autolist, you won’t have to write tweet by tweet or post by post on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels. Autolists will publish your content automatically at any time you choose.

✅ Increase engagement and brand reputation on social media

In order to get engagement and increase the number of followers is crucial to publish content frequently. It’s an effective way of bonding with your social media followers and avoid them to lose interest in you.

Data corroborates the positive link between engagement and the frequency of publication

Check this study about the relation between publishing frequency, followers and engagement.

If you include autolists in your strategy, you will always have content published on your social media accounts, so your profiles don’t become the ‘walking dead’.

✅ Organize your social media accounts

You will get the organization of your social media at a glance. Besides, you will be able to publish the same content on all of the social platforms with one click.

What to use autolists for in your social media strategy

Autolists let you publish social media content continuously so your profiles will always be active, keeping high-quality content. This will help to generate engagement.

With autolists you can:

Use RSS feeds of YouTube channels, blogs or news media

With Metricool, you can upload an RSS file and include it in an autolist. By doing so, each time a specific blog or YouTube channel publishes new content, it will also be posted on your social media accounts automatically.

Keep content planned on your list

You can set up an autolist with old posts from your blog or website. If you activate this list and make it circular, your content will publish the days and times you chose automatically and once the list posts the last publication, it will start from the beginning again.

This is an effective way to avoid your profile being paused and you will always provide relevant content to your followers.

Content will be published automatically

If you don’t have time to tweet at any specific time, you can plan that content with Metricool’s autolists. Your posts will be uploaded the exact moment that you scheduled beforehand.

Examples of how to use autolists

Let’s review some examples to help you understand a bit more how autolists can assist you in your social media strategy.

Example 1

Let’s say you have a real estate agency and from time to time, new homes for sale are published on your website.

If you get the RSS feed from your website, upload it on Metricool and set up an autolist, each time there is a new sale on your website, it will automatically be published on Twitter or any other platform that you choose.

Great, right? Forget about having to manually post these new offers on Twitter, they will do it automatically.

Example 2

Imagine that you have a blog and you spend a lot of time posting old articles on your social media accounts. On top of this, you are not sure how frequently to do it.

Then, autolists will be the solution to your problems!

Set up an autolist with all your posts of your blog that you want to be published on Twitter or Facebook recurrently. Then choose a publishing frequency.

➡️  If you want to know everything about Metricool clic here 

Once you have created the list, let Metricool do the rest.

Sara Martín


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