Learn How to Change Your LinkedIn Password

03 May 2022

Want to learn how to change your LinkedIn password?

Although you don’t have to give login info to manage a LinkedIn business page, you may have shared your password with someone. 

Now that you’re no longer working with that person, you want to change it. But how?

Changing your LinkedIn password in your browser

Let’s start with how to make these changes from the browser on your computer, on the official LinkedIn site.

  • Go into the LinkedIn page you want to change the password for. 
  • Click on the ‘Me’ icon and choose ‘Settings & Privacy’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the ‘Account access’ tab and click on ‘Change password’.
  • Enter your current password for the account.
  • Then type in a new password and re-enter it to confirm.
  • Save the changes, and you’re done!

Two things you need to know to learn how to change your LinkedIn password:

▶️ The first password for a personal account must have at least 6 characters and include capital and lowercase letters.

The new password must have at least 8 characters when you update it. The password needs 8 to 16 characters for a corporate account.

▶️ If you work with a team, there’s an interesting option for your LinkedIn account: restarting the session on all the devices this account is open on.

What does that mean? If you change the password, the devices logged in to that profile will have to enter the new password. To choose this option, tick the box Require all devices to sign in with new password.

Changing your LinkedIn password in the app

If you usually use LinkedIn more on a mobile device than your web browser, you can change your LinkedIn password there, too, on iOS or Android.

In this case, here are the steps to change the password for your LinkedIn page.

  • Tap on the Profile icon, then on Settings, and choose the Sign in & Security tab.
  • Here, just tap Change password.
  • Again, enter your current password and then type your new one. Retype the new password in the next field to confirm it.
  • Remember, if you update your password it must have at least 8 characters.
  • Save your changes and you’re ready to go.

In the LinkedIn mobile app, you can also toggle the switch to require all devices to sign in with the new password.

Ready, now you know how to change your LinkedIn password from the app or the website. 
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Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 03 May 2022

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