How to create Instagram polls

Sara Martín
20 November, 2018

One of the latest Instagram features lets you survey your audience through polls on Instagram Stories. Instagram users are increasingly adding polls to their stories with the objective of boosting interactions from their followers.  

How to create Instagram polls 

Do you want to go ahead and survey your audience? Then, follow the next steps to add a poll to your Instagram Stories: 

⚡️ Step 1:

Create a story

If you want to customize your stories, show seamless videos or create stories like a pro.   

⚡️ Step 2:

Tap on the sticker icon on the top right corner of your screen

Once you have added the image or video that you want to use for your story, tap the sticker icon represented by a square with a smiley face.   

⚡️ Step 3

Select the poll option

Among the different options displayed, you will find the poll sticker. Select it and start creating.  

Once you have followed the previous steps, it’s time to add the poll to your story.

  • Type in the question you want to ask
  • Add four possible answers. Remember that the poll is limited to two possible options.
  • Share your poll, then users will be able to start voting

There is no option to customize the color and font of the answers and question for now. However, you can resize it and place it anywhere on the image.

How long does a poll last?

A poll will last 24 hours, just like a story

Poll metrics

You can extract some metrics from your Instagram polls related to viewers’ interactions and the poll results expressed in percentage. What metrics will you find?

  1. Story views
  2. Vote results

Like stories, you will know how many people and who exactly viewed your poll. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody who visited your story, voted in your poll.You will be able to check the number of people who chose each option. You can also see who voted at an individual level with one click. You can always share the results from your poll. However, your followers will see only the percentage for each answer, but they won’t be able to see the results by individuals.  

Why to use Instagram Polls

Next, you can check some of the main reasons for why using Instagram polls can be a good idea, either for a professional or a personal account: 

Discover your customers’ interests 

If you are planning to launch a new product, you can sample the market and get a feeling for the probabilities of success for your product by carrying out a poll on Instagram. 

Increase interactions with your followers Instagram polls encourage interactions, boost engagement and increase the feeling of proximity. 

Reach your audience 

Instagram allows you to have direct contact with your audience, by doing polls you will get valuable information that will help you with your projects. 

Humanize your brand

 Instagram helps you to show the human side of your company to your viewers, that your company is made of normal people like them.  Using polls will humanize your brand. 

Capture attention 

Get out of the routine on Instagram and start doing different things, like including a poll in your stories. You will attract the attention of your followers and other Instagram users.  

So, create your own poll, this is the best way to check if this new feature works well for you.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any doubt or want to learn more about Instagram marketing strategy and Instagram polls.

Start adding polls to your stories and tell us all about it!

Sara Martín

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