Twitch Personal Stats: How to Generate Custom Reports with Metricool

20 July 2022

Want to get custom Twitch reports for your personal stats and channel? Here’s the key: Metricool.

Measuring Twitch statistics is important to know how your channel is evolving. You’ll find this data on the platform and in your Metricool account

These stats and data have to end up in your reports, a complete summary of all your content to show what a good streamer you are.

How to download custom reports with Metricool

At the beginning of each month, it’s time to pull up Excel and compile all the stats from your month on Twitch. Of course, you want it to be organized and look nice.

Sounds tedious just thinking about it, doesn’t it? With Metricool, you can get this complete personalized report on your Twitch personal activity in just one click.

How? First, you need to know the magic spell: a Metricool account.

The second step is to connect your Twitch channel to Metricool to import the data. It’s straightforward: click on your account, at the top right > Connections > Connect Twitch.

Now, how do you download the reports?

  1. On your Metricool dashboard, click on ‘Analytics’, the first section in the tool.
  2. The left column has all the options for social media: scroll down to the Reports section.
  3. On this screen, Metricool has several options for creating your report: language, period analyzed, sections to include and your channel logo. All right there, so you can make a one-of-a-kind report.
  4. When you’ve customized all your data, click on the format you want for your report: PDF or PPT. When the download is complete, click on download.
  5. Done! Time? Faster than what it takes to prepare a coffee.

▶️ Remember, you can have the report sent automatically by email with a personalized message. A great function if you tend to forget to download the reports. 

Now you know how to download custom reports on your Twitch personal stats with Metricool, but what’s in them? 

Custom reports on Twitch stats from Metricool

If you’re still not sure what information you’ll find on the personalized Twitch reports from Metricool, this section will clear it all up:

✅ Community growth

The first page of your report starts off strong: community.

Even though followers aren’t your main source of income, having a good community of followers is the way to start getting subscribers.

And this is what you get from the first metric on your report: how your community has evolved. The number of followers you got over the period analyzed and the number of videos or streams you did. What’s more important, quality or quantity?

✅ Subscribers

Subscribers are users who pay a membership fee to get certain privileges on your Twitch channel.

So, you have to be good to them because they’re the ones keeping your channel going. And how better to take care of them than by keeping an eye on your Twitch sub stats?

Like the metric on followers and community growth, Metricool shows you the number of subs and a comparison to the streams you did. Like before, you can decide based on these figures whether it’s better to do more streams or fewer with better quality content.

✅ Video performance

And now we’re getting to the heart of the matter… What about the streams?

Live streams are the content you share through streaming and, obviously, an essential part of your Twitch personal stats and Metricool custom reports.

On this page of your report, you get the number of views for your live streams, how long they lasted and how many streams you did in the period you chose to analyze.

✅ Analysis of your competition

Competition on Twitch is fierce. There are more and more categories, more options for creating content and, with it being so easy to start a stream, that makes competition even tougher.

With Metricool, you can analyze the Twitch competitors for your sector and get metrics on their channels: followers, views, number of live streams, and clips.  

That’s how you can create your personalized reports with Metricool showing your Twitch personal stats. In one click, your reports are ready to send to clients, companies or brands that might be interested in sponsoring you.

That’s just one of the things you can do with Metricool. If you want to know more, here’s a link to all its functions

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 20 July 2022


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