What is the Facebook Ad Library

26 February 2021

Have you ever wondered if there is a page or library where you can find all the ads that are running on Facebook?

That’s what the Facebook Ad Library is about. 

So, How exactly does it work?

The Facebook Ad Library is an archive where you can find all the ads posted on all Facebook platforms, including Instagram.

This library covers all ads on Facebook platforms, regardless of whether they are active or not, and are stored for seven years.

Do you know what this means?

You can access all the ads run by large, small and medium brands to compare or find inspiration.

Why did Facebook decide to create this library?

Facebook has launched this library as a resource to be transparent with its advertising content, making available for users all the information about ads that they will find on the platform.

It is also a way to avoid interference in election processes, since you will find information on social issues, elections or politics, including spend, reach and funding entities.

To understand this library a little better, we have compiled some of its features.

Facebook Ad Library: Features

Can anyone see the library? How long does it take for the ads you’re searching to appear?

The features of this library will help you solve these questions:

It is available to any user

Anyone who wants to access information related to Facebook ads can access it without having to be logged into the social network.

However, if the ads include alcoholic beverage content or gambling, the information will only be available to those who are logged into Facebook. Also, people who are underage will not be able to see it.

It allows users to search for any ad

Through the library’s search engine, users can search for ads by keywords, name, or Facebook page.

The results will show ads of any type (post, videos, Instagram content) that include the term that was searched, as well as the search fan page.

In the same way, ads that are not about social issues, elections or politics will only be found through visiting a Page in the Ad Library, not with the search engine.

It offers informative trackers

In addition to obtaining information on ad spending or reach, this library offers the opportunity to access multiple trackers, including the Presidential, House of Representatives and Senate trackers in the United States.

It also keeps users informed about whether there have been issues or outages within the Ad Library, such as refresh delays or maintenance of the library.

It offers plenty of information about ads

From the search engine you can find any type of advertisement in Facebook applications, which includes Instagram, and whether or not you have seen the ad creative.

The ad will be displayed in the library within 24 hours of receiving their first impression. Also, the changes or updates made on the ad. 

You already know what the Facebook Ad Library is about and its features. However, how does this search work? What are the different ways to find these ads?

How to find the ads within the Facebook Ad Library

If you want to search for Facebook ads and all the detailed information related that you can find in this library, you have three ways to do it.

It is the first option you will find to search for ads.

With this search tool, you will be able to search for ads using keywords or the advertiser’s name. Thus, if you are interested in searching for an ad run by Nike, when you add this brand name, search recommendations will appear on the Facebook page and its campaigns.

Within the search you can filter by different options such as country, region, if they are active or inactive, the platform or the reach.


In the same link, you can click on the Report option. Here you can explore, filter and download data about ads related to social issues, elections and politics.

You will be able to check the spending of each advertiser by the geographical location. Thus, this shows Facebook efforts to increase transparency in advertising.

Search through the Facebook Ad Library API

Using the API, the application programming interface, of the Facebook Ad Library, you can perform a custom keyword search and find the ads stored in it.

With this interface you will have access to any data from the ads that have been published on social issues, elections or politics. As long as the library is active in the country in which you are looking for the information: among which are, Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine or the EU countries.

The information you can find includes performance data, total amount spent, impressions, as well as demographics of the people reached and the date the ad was run.

If you haven’t tried the Facebook Ad Library yet, go ahead and get some insightful data on your competitors  or other brands that inspire you.

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 26 February 2021

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