How to make your Facebook investment pay for itself

Natalia Calderón
6 May, 2021

Facebook is betting very hard to improve, optimize and create new functions for its advertisers. Everyday more and more people are using Facebook ads to get the most out of their business. If you are investing in Facebook ads, this post should be of interest to you.


Your ads must be aligned with your strategic objectives


There exists a very effective method that on the one hand, quickly converts subscribers into customers, and on the other, pays for your investment in Facebook ads. Do you want to know what it is?

You’ve most likely heard of tripwire. In this post I reveal a tactic that you should start putting into practice on your blog so as not to have to take out your wallet every time you want to advertise on Facebook.

I am Natalia Calderón from and I will tell you the secret to making your Facebook Ads investment pay for itself.

What is a Tripwire?

In one sentence: a low-priced offer that leads you to buy another higher-priced product.

A tripwire is a product that you only sell to your subscribers through an irresistible offer. It is sold at a very low price to generate an impulse buy. You are offering a high value product at a very large discount, with a limited offer exclusively to subscribers.

The objective of the tripwire is not to create profits, it is to pay for the investment of your ads on Facebook with these targeted sales. Therefore, Facebook campaigns will not cost you money because they will be paid for with these sales and you have also managed to convert subscribers into customers. The intent is to convert a lead to a customer quickly by selling a very cheap product with a very good offer. 

Now that these customers already know you and have already bought your first initial product, it is easier for them to buy your main product. A tripwire is an info-product or a service discounted up to 70%, its price is usually $7 and it is offered on a landing page after subscribing. The tripwire offer is placed on the thank you page for subscribing. That way, every new subscriber is sure to see the offer. 

There will be subscribers who will buy and take advantage of the offer and others who will not. The next step would be to use the sales funnels to “re-fish” those new subscribers who have not become customers.

Types of tripwires and how they work

The purpose of a sales funnel is for a subscriber to enter, buy something that you can continue to sell to them to increase the value of the purchase. In order for your tripwire offer to work you must limit the offer, set an end date or even limit the offer to 20-30 minutes or an hour. The price must have a discount between 50% – 75% of the real price of that product. You should offer it through an automated sales funnel.

A tripwire can be:

  • Physical book
  • Ebook
  • Guide
  • Online Course
  • Paid Webinar
  • MasterClass
  • Program / Plugin

Types of funnel to sell your tripwire

We are going to look at two practical strategies to make your tripwire sell on autopilot. Go for it!

facebook ads

Advertise with Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your landing page and attract subscribers

The first strategy is Facebook ads and for this you need:

  • A landing page with subscription box
  • Create a lead magnet
  • A landing page where you offer your tripwire with a payment button

You should create a landing page with a subscription box so that the people who enter leave their email in exchange for your lead magnet. That landing has to be simple, without menus or distractions. Only with a title, photo, text and subscription box or button with the link to a subscription form.

Once they have left their data, a flash offer appears on the thank you for subscribing page where the tripwire is offered. If you can add a countdown counter to encourage urgency, all the better. That works great.

Facebook ads offering the tripwire on the thank you page

The second strategy is very similar, in that instead of offering the tripwire on the thank you page, it is offered within your sales funnel, through a sequence of emails.

You need:

  • A landing page with subscription box
  • Create a lead magnet
  • A landing page where you offer your tripwire with a payment button
  • Email sequence

This strategy is a bit more complex but very easy. The steps are the same as the previous one. Unlike when people sign up to download the lead magnet, instead you show them a thank you page for signing up without any offers. On this thank you page you can put the link or a button to download the lead magnet directly or you can send an automated email to the people who have subscribed sending them the promised lead magnet.

I would start a sequence of emails where after two days since your lead magnet has been downloaded, an email is sent offering your irresistible offer, your tripwire, and at the end of the sequence of emails you end up offering your main product, which can be an info product or paid course for example. As in the first strategy, you must set an end date for the offer.

You can only access this offer if you are a subscriber. This landing with your tripwire offer is not on your website and you do not offer it anywhere, it is an entry offer that you make exclusively to your subscribers and that is the beginning of your automated sales funnel.

In summary, a tripwire allows you to generate income with which your Facebook campaigns and ads are paid and thus it is “free” to attract new subscribers and bring traffic to your website.

Ready to create and automate your tripwire sales? Now that you have all the information about what a tripwire is, what it is used for and what you need to create your first small sales funnel using the tripwire, leave me your opinion on this topic in the comments. Tell me if you knew what a tripwire is and the benefits it brings you. I’ll read your comments below …

Natalia Calderón


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