Why has your Facebook or Instagram account disconnected from Metricool?

Sara Martín
15 January, 2021

Why has your Facebook or Instagram account disconnected from Metricool? Have you logged into your Metricool account and there isn’t any data? If your Facebook and Instagram’s accounts have disconnected from Metricool and you’d like to solve the problem, keep reading… 

Security reasons normally explain why your accounts have been disconnected. Any change to your accounts or any use out of the ordinary is considered a security problem and Facebook automatically revokes permissions to external tools. But what exactly does Facebook consider a risk for your account?  

Changes to your account

  • Any change of passwords on Instagram or Facebook
  • Changing admins, either adding a new administrator to Facebook or removing an old one.
  • Facebook or another admin has removed permissions to the administrator who connected the accounts to Metricool.

Unusual practices on your Facebook account: These are some uses that Facebook considers unusual and can explain why your permissions are revoked:

  • Identifying from different devices with the same account. Facebook understands that a username and password is for personal use, so if Facebook detects that an account is used from different devices simultaneously, it will block the account and revoke permissions. To unblock it, simply insert your password. However, all the permissions to other apps will stay revoked until you renew them again.
  • Use different Facebook accounts from the same device.
  • Facebook can revoke permissions unilaterally if they detect a vulnerability in their own system.

Email from Metricool

Whatever the reason is for your permissions to be revoked, Metricool will send a notification to the email address registered on your Metricool account.

The email will include a link to make the reconnection process easier. I haven’t received a notification email  If your Facebook or Instagram accounts have been disconnected but you haven’t received any email, it might be that the email registered on Metricool is not the right one.

You can check your email address on your Profile settings in Metricool and change it if you’d rather be contacted through a different email account.    

How to avoid this from happening again

Normally, we can’t avoid having to make changes to our accounts, so it seems inevitable to get permissions revoked. As we explained before, your Metricool account will get disconnected after any change. So, you will need to reconnect your accounts following one of these methods:

  • Through the link sent to your email address
  • Going directly to Metricool’s connections menu and clicking on connect.

Once your account is reconnected, pay attention to how it is configurated. 

▶️ Find how to make sure your Instagram business account and Facebook account are properly linked here ◀️

What if I didn’t modify anything but my account still disconnects from Metricool? In order to avoid your permissions to our app being revoked, it’s very important to not share a password with different users because, as we mentioned before, Facebook will take it as if your password has been stolen.

If your Facebook page is managed by different people, you should configure a business manager account on Facebook. With this account you will be able to manage several admins. Facebook will know who is authorized to manage different pages and make changes to prevent future disconnections.

Now you know another secret about how Facebook works!

Do you have any doubt? Share it in the comments section. 👇🏻

Sara Martín


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