What is an Idea Pin on Pinterest?

22 March 2024

Pinterest has introduced a dynamic content format known as the Idea Pin, designed to enhance the way creators share and engage with their audience. Below, you can explore what Idea Pins are, how to incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy, and how to create an Idea Pin on Pinterest or with Metricool. 

What is an Idea Pin? 

An Idea Pin on Pinterest is a dynamic content format that allows creators to share and engage with their audience in a more immersive and interactive way. 

Introduced by Pinterest, Idea Pins are a multi-page content type that enables creators to craft engaging stories using a mix of up to 20 images or videos, text, and lists. This format is similar to a digital album or collection, offering a wide range of content-sharing possibilities, from step-by-step guides and image galleries to storytelling across multiple posts. The versatility of Idea Pins opens up endless opportunities for creative expression on Pinterest.

Pinterest Idea Pins vs. traditional Pins

The primary difference between an Idea Pin and a traditional Pinterest Pin lies in the content’s complexity and interactivity. 

While a standard Pin typically features a single image or video with a link to an external site, an Idea Pin can contain up to 20 pieces of multimedia content. However, Idea Pins don’t contain external links, rather they encourage users to engage on the Pinterest platform more directly. In addition, Idea Pins come equipped with advanced editing features, such as the ability to add text, emojis, and other elements reminiscent of Instagram Stories.

How to use Idea Pins as part of a marketing strategy

Idea Pins are a feature on Pinterest that allows users to create multi-page video or video and image content. Idea Pins are a valuable marketing tool for businesses as they offer a more immersive and interactive experience that can help engage with audiences and grow brand awareness effectively.

These Idea Pins can consist of up to 20 pages of videos, images, or a combination of both, and can include custom text, voiceovers, transitions, and interactive elements like linked detail pages, stickers, profiles, and product tags. 

Idea Pins last longer on Pinterest than traditional Pins, providing a more permanent presence for showcasing products or ideas. Users can interact with Idea Pins through reactions, commenting, saving the pin, and sharing it across other social media channels.

Pinterest Idea Pin tips & best practices

To make the most of Idea Pins and boost your audience engagement, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Use a Mix of Video and Images: Incorporate a variety of visual elements like videos and images to keep viewers interested and create a dynamic experience
  • Choose a 9:16 Aspect Ratio: Opt for a vertical aspect ratio to ensure your Idea Pins display well on mobile devices
  • Use a Variety of Features: Incorporate text, music, stickers, and other creative elements to make your Idea Pins engaging and visually appealing
  • Make Your Brand a Priority: Ensure that your Idea Pins reflect your brand identity and messaging to maintain consistency across your content
  • Tell a Story: Use between 5-20 pages to tell a complete story within your Idea Pin, guiding viewers through a narrative or step-by-step process
  • Create Inspiring Content: Share valuable and inspiring ideas that provide solutions or answers to your audience’s questions or problems
  • Repurpose Content Strategically: Repurpose blog content or valuable tips into video content that aligns with your Pinterest marketing goals
  • Utilize Multiple Slides: Incorporate multiple slides in your Idea Pins to encourage users to engage with your content for longer periods
  • Focus on Engagement: Aim to connect with your audience directly through your Idea Pins by creating content that resonates with them and prompts engagement
  • Prioritize Video First: Use video or animated elements in the first slide of your Idea Pins to make them stand out in the Pinterest feed
  • Keyword-Focused Content: Conduct keyword research and strategically place keywords in your Idea Pin text, title, and description for better visibility and searchability on Pinterest

How to Create an Idea Pin on Pinterest

Idea Pins can be created much the same way as standard single-image Pins through the Pinterest app. 

  1. Open the Pinterest app and log in.
  2. Select ‘+’ (plus) at the bottom of the page and choose ‘Pin’.
  3. Choose multiple images or videos from your device’s gallery or capture new content directly through the app. This will automatically convert your Pin into an Idea Pin.
  4. Once your media is selected, you can edit your content by cropping, adjusting brightness, or applying filters. You can also add creative elements like text, music, and stickers to make your content more engaging.
  5. Before publishing, preview your Idea Pin to ensure everything looks as expected. Choose a cover image, provide a title that captures the essence of your content, and select the board where your Idea Pin will be published.
  6. Tap ‘Publish’ to share your Idea Pin with your audience.
Create a new Pin on Pinterest

Create and Schedule an Idea Pin with Metricool

Metricool supports scheduling Idea Pins. Now, users can seamlessly incorporate Idea Pins into their social media strategies directly from Metricool, boosting audience engagement and enhancing brand visibility on Pinterest.

  • Register with Metricool: To schedule your content on Pinterest, you need to register with Metricool if you haven’t already done so. You can create your FREE account below:
  • Create New Post: In the Metricool planner, go to Create New Post and select the Pinterest option.
  • Schedule Content: Within Metricool’s planner, you can post Idea Pins to existing boards or create new ones. You can add images or videos in .PNG, .JPG, or MP4 format with specific size and duration limits. Write a description, add links, alternative text for images, and choose a board for your pin.
  • Select Date and Time: Choose the date and time for your pin to be published and save it. You can also choose to publish immediately.
  • Autolists Feature: With Metricool’s autolists, you can program evergreen content weekly to keep your Pinterest profile active without constant manual effort.
  • Canva Integration: Metricool seamlessly integrates with Canva to better streamline your content strategy.
  • Pinterest Analytics: See your Pinterest analytics, and see how your Idea Pins drive engagement.
Metricool Pinterest analytics
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