Instagram Reels Shopping or how to sell through Reels

24 February 2021

Instagram Reels was born as an alternative to the successful TikTok.

The content is similar, they are short videos of a funny nature to which you can add music, filters or emojis. Although, there are some differences for content creators, such as their access to music or the content duration.

Now, through the latest Instagram update, content creators can add product tags to their videos, as they can already do on their feed posts.

How does it work? Which advantages does this new update bring to online store profiles? We’ll tell you everything about it!

What’s Shopping in Reels?

Buying on Instagram Reels is now possible thanks to the new update that Instagram has include it in its application.

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This allows content creators and online businesses to upload Reels to their profile and tag the products that appear in the video. 

As you see, it works the same way as in the feed.

Through this new feature, users can buy products from almost anywhere on Instagram: from the publication in the feed, Instagram TV videos, Instagram Live, Stories and, now, Reels.

How to tag products in Reels

The process to tag products in Reels is similar to doing it with a fixed post in the feed.

Just in case, we are going to guide you how to do it so you don’t miss anything.

  1. Go to Instagram and tap on the button to upload a Reel. If you want to record it instantly, you must swipe the Instagram camera as if you were going to upload a story and select Reels.
  1. Upload your Reel or record it from your mobile phone, add filters, edit the text, add the music, etc.
  1. Tap ‘Next’ and edit the last steps before uploading the content: create a cover image or choose one from the library, add hashtags, mentions and, finally, swipe the image from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Touch the option ‘Tag products’ and choose the ones you want to promote.
  1. Finally, click on ‘Done’ and ‘Share’. Your Reels will be published in the Reels section and with the featured products you have chosen.

“Before tagging the products, remember that you must have activated and configured the ‘Buy on Instagram’ feature in your profile”.

Why sell on Instagram Reels Shopping

We could summarize it by saying that the main reason to upload your products in Reels is that you offer a new purchase alternative to your followers, but this explanation might not be sufficient

What are the advantages of tagging your articles on Instagram Reels?

You open a new sales channel on Instagram

Fixed posts in the feed, Instagram stories, IGTV and now Reels. Instagram makes it easy for you to sell your products through its application.

Combine the different styles of post to reach a greater number of people: for example, uploading the Reels to the feed or to stories, to reach a larger audience.

You have a new content format for your products

Reels is a different type of content than what you had so far on Instagram, identical to that of TikTok.

With the possibilities offered by these short videos, you can unleash your creativity with the products you sell: for example, quick tutorials if you sell kitchen items or trying on clothes so that users can see how they look, among many other options.

Different ways of creating content to increase interactions and reach a larger audience, thus increasing the possibilities of purchase.

You facilitate the purchase process for the user

From Instagram Reels, users can buy products with an external link to your website, that is, they leave Instagram to finalize the purchase in your online store.

However, with the Instagram Checkout option you can complete your purchase without leaving the Instagram application. Something that users will appreciate, as they save time and will prevent them from regretting it at the last minute.

Now, you have everything to highlight your products on Instagram Reels Shopping. Increase your sales by sharing a different type of content while promoting your products.

A new opportunity to sell on Instagram

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 24 February 2021
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