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Sara Martín
25 March, 2021

Instagram is a social network that has grown rapidly and has become, over time, one of the most used platforms by millions of users worldwide.

But the fact that there are more and more users means that it is increasingly difficult for you to stand out with your content and that your ideal clients have more difficulty finding your account. But don’t worry, there is something you can do to improve this situation, and it’s called: INSTAGRAM SEO.

If you already have some SEO knowledge, it’ll be easy for you. Keep in mind that Instagram is like a Google search engine with some features that can help you position with keywords and tags.

In this article, I will give you some tips to improve your Instagram account position with SEO techniques to increase your visibility and reach.

Instagram SEO: techniques

While Instagram is a social network and is not yet a search engine like Google, some factors can help position your account better to appear among the first results when some user searches about your topic.

Let’s review it in detail.

Optimize your Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is like your website on Google: To achieve the goals, you need to optimize your account to offer the best experience to users who land on it.

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind to optimize your profile:

  • Make your profile public
  • Set up your account as a professional account: either business or content creator.
  • Create a username (the name after the @) that is recognizable, easy to read, and searchable.
  • Use a name easy to find.
  • Add a link in your bio.

These are the main steps to get started with your SEO strategy on Instagram. So pay attention because we’ll see some of them one by one.

Include a keyword in your name

You already know that on Instagram, each account has two names:

  • The username, which is the one after the @
  • And the name that appears on your profile

Instagram has its own search engine, so if you add your keyword in either of your two names or both, you will improve your positioning and increase the chances of appearing among the first search results.

Let’s see an example:

If you have a personal account where you offer cooking recipes, your Instagram could be:

[Name] + Cooking recipes = Sara Martín – Cooking recipes and @recetasconsara

You will improve the chances if you use the keyword in both names.

Use keywords in your bio

The bio is the only text where you can explain to users what you do and add keywords that help position your account.

In the biography, you should:

  • Explain what you do.
  • Add keywords.
  • Give reasons for users who land on your profile to be interested in your account.

In this case, you can add secondary keywords to try to attract a more significant number of users to your profile.

Tips for your bio

It is an essential text within your profile because users will learn a bit more about you before checking your photos or videos.

  • Use emojis to get attention.
  • Add a link.

Optimize your Instagram images

Image and video content is the essence of Instagram. That is why there are more possibilities to do SEO on your Instagram account through your content.

Use keywords in the captions of your photos.

The title of the photos on Instagram is more important than it seems. After all, it is a text that can help you position yourself and appear among the first results when users search for topics related to your brand.

That is why you have to think about your copies strategically:

  • Use the text to get users’ attention
  • Use secondary keywords to rank for them

Use Instagram alt text.

Just like when you publish an image on Google, you have to add alt text to position it in the search engine. The same thing happens on Instagram.

Now you will understand when I have told you that SEO on Instagram is similar to what we do on Google.

Within Instagram, you can add alternative text to each image you post. This text is designed for those with visual impairments to see what the text is in the case of not correctly viewing the image. But it is also an aid to position through these words.

  • Use keywords in the alt text of your images on Instagram

Use hashtags as keywords.

Hashtags are tags for your images, making it easier for users to search for specific topics to find your images.

Hashtags or tags work as keywords to position each of your posts.

We have already reviewed the main factors to do SEO on Instagram, but there is one thing that is very important in the Instagram profile, and we will give you a little advice.

We refer to the link that you can add to your Instagram bio. In this social network, you can only add one clickable link, so you need to get the most out of it. 

You have two options, limit yourself and a link to drive users to any specific link, or use other methods, such as Metricool’s link in bio.

The link offered by Metricool consists of a link that takes you to a landing where all your Instagram posts are linked.

  • It will allow you to drive more traffic to different sites.
  • You will not lose potential customers in the process of reaching a specific link.
  • You make things easier for your followers.

Do you want to learn more about Instagram?

Sara Martín


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