How to get the most out of Instagram Ads

12 March 2020

Social Networks are the most popular platforms in the Internet, so advertising through these channels drives a lot of traffic and increases conversions. Therefore, if you are thinking about start advertising on Instagram to reinforce your marketing strategy, you will find in this article how to make the most of Instagram Ads.

Why to use Instagram Ads for advertising

Before we get started, I am going to explain briefly the reasons for which we should use Instagram for advertising:

▶️ If you want to invest the minimum amount of money possible, Instagram is your best choice. Ads on Instagram are cheaper than in the rest of social networks and platforms.

▶️ Instagram has more than 500 million users. Besides, it’s constantly growing and people uses it daily.

▶️ People between 14 and 50 years old use this social platform. This means that whatever your goal is, you will find your target audience on Instagram.

Now that we have reviewed why Instagram is a good platform to do advertising, let’s get the most out of this social channel to create our ads!

Instagram Ads: Get the most out of your ads

Now that we know why advertising on Instagram can help you to achieve your goals, I have put together a list of tips to guarantee that your campaigns are successful and that you avoid usual mistakes. 

🏆 Choose wisely the placement of your ads

When you advertise on Instagram you can choose between two placements:

  • Feed: Your ad will appear between posts in the mobile feed of people that you follow. You can choose amongst several formats: carousel, videos, images…. 
  • Stories: You can choose between videos or photos. Videos normally get better results than photos.

🏆 Create a brief and direct ad

The message of your ad must be clear and direct, don’t beat around the bush. You can include up to 300 characters in an Instagram ad, but it’s recommended to use half of this amount.

Short posts are more visual and they have better chances to be read.

🏆 Add emojis, stickers or GIFs to capture user attention

Instagram offers multiple complements that you can add to your ads. Use GIFs, stickers or even the most common emojis to attract people’s attention and encourage them to stop to see your ad.

🏆 Add a call to action (CTA)

Include buttons or text to encourage users to take the action you want. Messages such as:

  • Read more 
  • Register today
  • Buy now
  • See more

🏆 Use the most popular hashtags on Instagram

Nowadays, hashtags are an important part of Digital Marketing, they are very useful to attract your target audience and increase the reach of your ads or posts.

However, as I mentioned in the title, you must choose the right one. Pick the most popular ones and make sure that they are related to your target audience.

🏆 Use casual language with users

First, you must identify the goal you want to achieve and the audience that your ad will be directed to.

Once you know your target, select the right language for your audience, Use a language that they understand, simple, to show proximity to them.

🏆 Add the URL of your webpage

Don’t forget to add the URL that you want to drive users to and get conversions.

Below, check an example of the CTR with an URL, where Nike is encouraging users to buy one of their shoes:

Make the most of Instagram Ads

🏆 If you use images, they must have good quality

Instagram is the social network for sharing photos and videos, so it’s crucial that their quality is high.

Ads with blurry or distorted photos can ruin all the efforts put into your campaign and your ads won’t attract the attention that you were looking for. 

🏆 Don’t include a long text, users won’t read it

Sometimes, ads on Instagram stories are too long, they contain long texts that there is no time to read.

Users are relaxed while using Instagram, checking their friends’ posts. If suddenly an ad pops up and it’s too long, they probably won’t  bother to read it. 

This is why I recommend you adding brief texts in your ads, with striking sentences. They will discover the rest of what you offer when they click the CTA button. 

Check the ad below, the text is that long that you can even see the image. Users probably won’t stop to read everything.

🏆 Make sure your ad is easily related to your brand: Add your logo or use the colors that best identify your brand.

These are some tips that you should bear in mind when you start creating your ads on Instagram. If you want to learn more about how to design a successful Instagram marketing strategy, check this comprehensive guide:

▶️ Updated guide about Instagram Marketing ◀️

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 12 March 2020

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