How to manage YouTube channels at the same time

19 October 2022

Do you have various YouTube channels with different themes and communities? Or, are you a social media manager and want to manage multiple YouTube channels at the same time?

If this is your case and you find yourself having to manage multiple YouTube channels at once, this article is for you.

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How to manage multiple channels at the same time

Managing several accounts at once is not easy, many times people have made silly mistakes such as publishing something on the wrong account and complicating the issue further.

That’s why I’m going to give you some tips to manage several YouTube channels at once and I’m going to uncover the magic of Metricool for you in this situation… let’s get into it!

Manage channels with Metricool 

What if I told you that with just one tool you can manage all your YouTube channels as well as the rest of your accounts across all social networks without leaving the platform. 

Ding ding, you got it right, IT’S METRICOOL!

Connect your Youtube channel with Metricool: Sign in > settings > connections > YouTube:

Add as many channels as you need (depending on your plan) : settings > choose the YouTube channel you want to manage.

What can you do with Metricool and your YouTube channels?

  • Analyze your channel’s performance 

When you connect your YouTube account to Metricool, you will only want to measure the statistics of your videos and community daily. 

By the click of a button you will have all the data obtained from your channel. 

▶️ Community: measure the growth of your channel through the number of subscribers (with the subscriber balance) compared to the number of views or revenue. 

▶️ Demographics: your community broken up by gender, country, as well as the source of traffic for your videos (direct, unknown, recommended from YouTube, etc.). 

▶️ Videos: measure the performance of your videos with the number of views as well as interactions of ‘likes’, ‘comments’, etc. 

▶️ Competitors: add competing channels with your brand to the list and discuss how your strategy is working. 

  • Program your YouTube content 

If you usually upload more than one video and have everything planned, you can schedule all your videos and shorts from Metricool. 

Upload your recorded file and add a description to your video. Then, once you tie together the last loose ends in the Feed Preview to see how it looks on mobile and web, you’re ready!

With programmed videos, YouTube will publish them automatically. You will need this feature to save time in your day to day. 

  • Download performance reports

Utilize the Youtube reports option to download your performance reports at the click of a button, in PDF or PPT format. 

With these reports, you avoid wasting time on recording individual metrics for each video. 

Also, you can customize the format, by adding your brands or clients logo as well as selecting the data that interests you the most. 

  • Manage all social networks from one place

In addition to managing multiple YouTube accounts, you can also manage the other social networks you work with in the same place… what a steal! 

Well, that’s what you get with Metricool, all your work on the same platform so you don’t have to change between platforms every five minutes. 

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… everything under control with the Swiss army knife of social networks. 

Manage channels with YouTube

Another option you have to manage several Youtube channels is from the video website itself.

Once you have your YouTube channel created, you can add the ones you want to manage them from your profile. 

  • Click on your profile icon at the top right.
  • Tap ‘Change Account’. If this is the first time you are going to manage a new one you will have to click on ‘Add account’: Sign in with Google and follow the steps to register the new channel. 
  • Choose the channel you want to manage and you’re ready.
  • You should then be in your new channel and you can manage more than one at the same time. 

When you want to manage a channel, you just have to follow these steps and choose the new channel to perform any activity: upload videos, respond to comments, see statistics, etc. 

Simple, isn’t it?

Tips to manage two or more YouTube channels

If you are starting to administer more than one YouTube channel, you might be realizing that it’s more complicated than it looks. And if you’ve been stuck here for a while, you’re probably looking for solutions. 

That’s why I’m going to leave a few tips on how to organize yourself so that you don’t make silly mistakes that can trigger larger problems…

Make separate calendars

Create different calendars where you can organize content to its appropriate channel. This way you will not mix content from different channels or be unclear about what to post on each of them. 

Assign a different color to each channel

If each channel has a different color, you can then also assign tasks with the same color to mentally and physically organize your content. This way, you will not confuse yourself in which content you need to post and in what channel. 

Do the analysis of each channel and editorial calendar on different days

If you create a content calendar for all channels on the same day, it is possible that you can mess up or confuse content. If you have time, it is advisable to dedicate one day to one channel and the next day to another. If you manage multiple accounts, you could break it up by doing one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to not create confusion.

The same can be done at the end of each month when you have to analyze the performance of each channel. 

Now you have everything you need to manage YouTube channels at once: with YouTube itself or with Metricool, where you can have all your work using one tool. 

Want to boost your channel with Metricool? Here you can look at the megatutorial of Metricool’s features.

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 19 October 2022


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