Instagram’s Pinned Comments and three different ways to use them

Sara Martín
3 September, 2020

Instagram has sought a way to minimize negative comments on the platform and give more prominence to positive or valuable comments for users.

That is why I come to tell you how you can start saying goodbye to haters with the new pinned comments on Instagram posts.

What are Instagram’s pinned comments

Pinned comments are comments  that appear at the top of a post or in the comment summary that appears in the feed.

When someone posts someone else’s comment, authors are notified that their comments have been highlighted in the post.

This option to pin comments is a kind of help to manage comments.

How to pin comments on Instagram

When you post something on Instagram and you want the people who see that post to focus on some comments that you like, you can now pin up to three comments on a single post.

These comments will appear at the very top of the post’s comments regardless of when they were posted.

You can only pin content on your own posts

To pin a comment you have to go to the comment you like, swipe it to the left and three options will appear.

When you tap the pin symbol, the comment will appear at the top of the post.

Attention because there are some rules…

  • You cannot pin your own comments
  • You can’t pin replies to comments

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How to Use Instagram pinned comments for your strategy

The option of pinning some comments on Instagram posts can come in very handy because this way brands can show what they want when a person arrives for the first time at any of their posts.

Here are three examples of how you can use Instagram Pinned Comments in a strategic way.

Use it as reviews or testimonials from your users

We all know that the reviews or the opinion of other people about a product that we want to buy will help us make a decision. 

Pinning positive comments will allow you to highlight testimonials or user reviews in real time. In this way, it will help the next potential customer who sees your publication to also read the positive reviews of other users.

Use it to answer frequently asked questions

Are there posts where you have a lot of questions of the same kind?

When a user frequently asks the same question, answer and then anchor that person’s question. In this way, when someone has the same question, the first thing they will see will be your answer and they will no longer be left with doubts about your product or service.

Pin interesting comments

Use this feature to highlight comments that make users want to know more about your posts or your content.

In this way you will be able to hook users to your publications.

Also, in this way depending on what type of content you publish, you can use it so that people want to continue commenting, that is, to start conversations with your followers.

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Do you have any doubt? Have you already used this new Instagram functionality?

We read you in the comment section!

Sara Martín


  1. Maureen McRae

    Hi I’m wondering if someone pinned a comment on their feed I made if this a bad thing. I wasn’t trying to discredit the persons post but I’m worried he may have seen it as a negative comment. I was trying to understand what he was meaning. I hoped he would reply to my comment but he pinned it. He wrote in the post this is the difference between Instagram & reality. He posted 2 photos a series of photos I of each pair had very little color & had very dark lighting. It was like he took the same photo at different times of day but then said this the diff of reality & Instagram. The diff was huge. So I wrote I don’t understand how it could be this different just by uploading to Insta without 1st editing it in something like photoshop Lightroom or other similar software. Do U think this is a bad comment

    • Carlos Bravo

      Hi Maureen!

      This feature is not a bad option. In fact is useful to highlight best comments on your post.

  2. Maureen McRae

    I wrote when I post something it looks the same as it is in my camera or iPhone uploading didn’t change it. I wrote I usually edit to increase the color saturation just because I like more color but unless I edit to increase lighting or brightening a photo it looks the same as before I posted it.

  3. Maureen McRae

    The 2 photos of each set were so diff it to me looked like he went in the morning & then went back when it was dark & took the same shot

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